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14 Study Hacks To Beat The EXAM FEAR: Easy, Innovative And Effective!

Exam Time is extremely challenging. A few bitten nails, severe headaches, empty Chai cups, and tonnes of sheets later, you think you are finally ready for D-Day. But just 2 hours before your exam, you see a question you’ve never seen, and you can feel the panic rising again! Avoid that moment. But how will you do that?

Well..Here are 14 Study Hacks to help you simplify the entire gigantic process of STUDYING! 😛

1. Write and Draw Everything you Read

Write everything as if you are writing it for someone else. Memorize diagrams by drawing them at least 3 times.

[Writing 1 time= 7 times of reading]

Remember this formula, it’s tested.

2. Check your font while reading from the Laptop or Phone Screen.

We generally have all our notes emailed from the first benchers after a lot of buttering. 😛 Prefer a laptop screen over a smartphone screen to read them. And most importantly, check the font of the document. Change the font to TIMES NEW ROMAN.

[Times New Roman is the fastest font to read]

Yeah, thank me later. 😉

3. Don’t just exert pressure on your brain. Walk- your body needs some care too.

Exercise is very important. Check your body posture while reading. Take a 10 minute walk every 30 minutes. Ideally, that is how you should break your study sessions into, to memorize your lessons better.

4. Change your Environment constantly.

I personally love to sit near a window with my books. Which is your favorite place? Well, try and sit somewhere else. It will break the monotony.

5. LOL and SOL formula!

We all know what LOL is! 😛 So maybe, take some time out to watch a Kenny Sebastian Video, or anything that will make you laugh, to relax. Now what’s SOL you ask? Speak Out Loud. Yep. While reading, read it out loud. It is scientifically proven, that reading stuff out loud will stay longer in your brain.

6. Listen to unfamiliar Music- Something Unheard.

This is because familiar music tends to carry you away, and it will hamper your concentration. Listen to something without lyrics. Studies suggest that Hans Zimmer’s Pandora is perfect to listen to, while studying. 😀

7. Make a Skeleton for every subject.

For every subject, make a skeleton of all the definitions, formulas, dates, and Names on a piece of paper. Just in sentences. This sheet will be crucial, as you will refer to it, 15 minutes before the exam. Trust me, this has saved a lot of people from killer questions. 😀

8. Read reference books and watch YouTube videos or documentaries.

“Yeah, we don’t even have time to sleep, and study the regular syllabus, and you want us to read reference books?”

I know, I know..But this study hack is actually helpful, as well as refreshing. Keep some time out for these two things. Just try and see the difference. Visual impact is bigger than everything else. Always remember that.

9. Make a Cheat Sheet you’ll never use.

Yep! This one is exciting. I know you won’t agree, but all of us have this temptation to make cheat sheets and use them in the exam, at least once. is a study hack which requires you to actually make some chits. Think like a cheater and make cheat sheets, obviously, don’t take them into the exam hall. 😛 This is much better than reading long notes all the time.

10. Sit under bright lights to study.

This is more like a precaution. We generally ignore such minute details which can make so much of a difference! Sit under bright lights, preferably White ones, to avoid straining your eyes. It is also observed, reading and studying under bright lights improves your memory.

11. Adapt to ‘Chunking’

‘Chunking’ is very essential to study smartly. It involves distributing your syllabus into various chunks to study them in regular intervals. This study hack is very convenient and ensures that you’ve covered everything important.

12. Keep in mind the ‘Forgetting Curve’

The Forgetting Curve is more of a psychological thing. Studies suggest that if you read something you’ve been taught on the very same day, it stays in your brain longer than reading it after a long interval. So to not be a victim of the Forgetting Curve, try and be regular in at least reading whatever you have been taught in the class on the same day.

13. Study before Sleeping.

Yet another Scientific Study Hack. Studies from Notre Dame and Harvard found that studying half an hour before sleeping is extremely beneficial as during sleep, our brain stabilizes the memories of the whole day.

14. No Hacks will be effective if you don’t Start revising- so Start! 😛

Lolol..Start right away! Use these Study Hacks and let us know in the comments if they are helpful to you!

Study Hacks

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    Wow! these hacks are so awesome. And 14th point did give me motivation.

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