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Rizy’s Internship at Intern Theory: Work, Play & Hakka Noodles!

A lot of people have stepped on the Center Stage space, with their internship experiences with various other companies. Some were inspirational, while some were fun! But this Center Stage is closer to my heart, as I have covered our very own Intern’s Internship Experience with Intern Theory!

From learning essential marketing skills, to having yummy Hakka noodles for Lunch………

Here’s “Rizy from Intern Theory” for you! Have a look at this super-fun interview:

 1) First things first, how was it, to work for Intern Theory? 

R: The internship at Intern Theory was an immense learning experience for me. I got to learn about marketing a Company and it’s services in a very effective and optimum way , with minimal expenses. Being a startup I was working with the co-founders closely and was able to socialize and create a bond with everyone in the organisation.
2) Impressive. So tell us Rizy, what exactly was your work profile?

R: I was involved into various kinds of Marketing like Social media and E-Mail marketing mostly , although I got exposure and understood the working of an online portal too. From persuading college students to take up various internships, to solving their doubts (sometimes silly :P), I got a chance to do it all.

3) That sounds challenging. How challenging is the field of Marketing, according to You? 

R: Human minds work in a very complex way- thus, to communicate with students from all fields, pitch various internships with Patience, is challenging. One needs to constantly be updated about the current marketing trends, and one must incorporate these techniques efficiently.

(Words of wisdom guys, note kar lo!)

 4)Wise words. 🙂 So, what do you think about the service provided by Intern Theory? 
R: From my viewpoint we are providing the service to the best of our capabilities , despite being a small team and having less resources than the competitors. I feel that Intern Theory is growing at a fast pace with the sincere effort of the team day-in and day-out.
5) Agreed. So very quickly- 5 Things you like about Intern Theory and Things you think they can work on? 
R: 5 things I like about Intern Theory would be:
1. Work Culture
2. Team Spirit
3. Co-founders
4. Freedom
5. Open to Other’s views.
Things they can work on, umm…
  • Well, I feel that they should invest more on their assets to improve their business, maybe in things like an additional Cell phone for Whatsapp Marketing.
  • Also, it will be great if they look into the field of HR. I personally feel that we should focus more on improving our core business i.e. Internships and Jobs.
  •  Also, we must also work on launching an app soon , as it will help getting students engaged on our platform and also for marketing purposes.
6) That was pretty quick and thoughtful:P  How is the work culture? 
The work culture at Intern Theory is a balance between Work and Play. You feel at home and rarely does it feel like you are working. Being a Startup I was working with the co-founders closely and was able to socialize and create a bond with everyone in the organisation.
7) Internship experiences are often very eventful. Tell us about your Memorable moments with Intern Theory?
Memorable moments would definitely be that of the Secret Santa initiative in the office, and the office lunch that followed. It was great, with colleagues getting some super cool gifts for each other and playing guitar.  Not even for once did I feel like “just an intern”. The next memorable memory would be that of the yummy Hakka Noodles I ate from a nearby restaurant, for lunch. These little memories actually made the internship memorable.
Work, play and hakka noodles- what an internship, no?
8)How inspiring was it, to intern at a Startup? 
The Team is doing great and the pace at which they are growing, is really amazing, as they have formed 1 lac plus student base before even being in operation for a year. All this inspires me and gives hope to me as an aspiring entrepreneur, that, with the right team and right mindsets, we can achieve anything.
9) Wow. That was put beautifully. So, last but not the least, any messages for the Co-Founders of Intern Theory?
With the conviction with which you guys work , I am pretty sure that Intern Theory is going to be the Big name in the internship portal sector within a matter of years , and that as an ex-intern will make me happy. Also I thank Dhruvi and Nikita for being there for me during this period of 2 months as guides ,mentors and friends.
Being a fresher this internship have been a great learning experience for me. Miss you all!
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