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4 Expert Tips to Make 2017, The Best Year For WORK!

The New Year has already kick-started and it’s time for action! So, you are sitting with all your project files, targets and company goals, with a renewed energy to complete them all. But how to manage time? How to be better than what you were in 2016?

Don’t worry…

This 2017, follow these 4 Expert Tips to enhance your Work and make it your Best Professional Year:

1. The [MIT] Rule:

Every morning, after suiting up for a new day at Work, just do one thing- follow the MIT rule. What is it, you ask? MIT is “Most Important Task.” Yes, I know, you have been listing your tasks of the month, week or even a day, and you were working just fine, but it’s time to go beyond “Fine.” List just one task, not the most simple, or the most pressing task- but the task which is of greater value and returns. I can’t really tell you what your MIT should be, but I can tell you what it shouldn’t be:

  • Your MIT shouldn’t be replying to emails.
  • Or Posting on Social  Media
  • Or Making Calls or even attending meetings

Write this one task, and make sure you complete it before your working day ends. This is a small tip, but gradually you will see the difference it makes, in the quality of your work. 🙂

Expert Tips for Work


2. Reduce Multi-tasking:

For years, you have heard how multi-tasking is the ultimate way to be productive and work fast. This year, let us change perceptions. Multi-tasking is great, but as we all know, anything in excess is not good. Many a times, while multi-tasking, we miss out on little things which might look unimportant, but are actually very essential. Plan things well. If a particular project needs your complete attention, make sure you do only that. A research conducted at Stanford University shows that multi-tasking lowers one’s IQ and decreases your cognitive capability. So, work smart instead of working hard- use multi-tasking, only when needed.

Expert Tips for Work


3. Use GPS formula:

No, I am not talking about our Global Positioning System. The GPS formula I am talking about is that of fixing a [Goal-Purpose-Scope] Mitzi Weinman, founder of Time Finder and author of It’s About Time!, Transforming Chaos into Calm, and many more, says that “GPS [Goal, Purpose, Scope] helps you and the person to whom you are delegating, stay on track.” Well, makes sense, no? She even advises to start with forming a realistic goal by asking a few questions like “What will the end product look like?” , followed by other questions like “What is the Purpose of setting this Goal?” and lastly, provide yourself and the person you are delegating with, with a Scope- deadline, format, budget, target audience, etc.

Expert Tips for Work


4. 3Mail Workflow Strategy:

Emails are one thing that need your regular attention. But at the same time, emails are very convenient for communication. So, instead of answering every email manually all the time and decreasing productivity, according to Mike Vardy, founder and productivity coach at Productivityist, you should follow the 3Mail Workflow Strategy. This Strategy can help you in clearing your inbox like a boss! How to do this? Follow these simple procedures:

  1. Create an email folder for every week.
  2. Designate a certain time frame for everyday, to check emails. Even the number of times you will check the emails.
  3. During this time allocated, either read and delete an unimportant email, or shift the important emails to the weekly folder to reply later.
  4. The goal is to never have any emails in your inbox, but have them all allocated on specific days of a week.

Follow this procedure and increase your productivity at Work.

Expert Tips for Work


This new year, focus more on productivity, than convenience. Follow these 4 Expert Tips and make this year the best year for WORK!


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