4 Tips to Balance Your Work-Life Equation! |

4 Tips to Balance Your Work-Life Equation!

Work. Life. Work. Life. Wor….Li..W..L..i.f..e.. Well, that’s exactly how easily our boundaries between Work Life and LIFE get mixed today. With every passing day, gadgets get upgraded, Life gets faster, and We? We run like there is no tomorrow. Some of us run for success, some for money, some for passion and some for the sake of it. And we hardly stop.

He who masters the art of Balance in Life, masters it all. But the question is, how many of us actually make an effort towards it? Are we really enjoying our lives? Why are we running? What are we running for?

To get these answers and to live a worthy Life, one must strike a balance between his/her professional and personal life.

Here are 4 tips to balance your Work-Life equation. Read on:

Work-Life Balance

Outsource important targets and tasks to various external entities or people. Taking everything on your shoulder will not only leave you stressed, but will also hamper the company’s growth. If you are an entrepreneur, you have an advantage over other office-goers as you get to decide on outsourcing. Choose your external team well, and distribute goals to different people based on their abilities for optimum growth. If you are an employee, outsourcing might not be an option, but you can always work in a team instead of being the Hero.

Doing this will give you time for other personal activities which you very conveniently delay saying- “I got no time. Lot’s of work to do.”

Work-Life Balance

This should be the thumb rule for every human that works today. Learn to prioritize well. Prioritize personal life over professional life. This may sound a bit bookish or impractical to a lot of people out there, but it is a tried and tested thumb rule. Nellie Akalp, Entrepreneur and founder of has incorporated this way of living, and is quite happy with it.

Once you’ve set your eyes on what exactly you want from life, everything else has to follow. Don’t mix boundaries. Try and keep both the lives different from each other and allot more time to Family. After all, when everything will be gone, they’re all you’ll have. 🙂

Work-Life Balance

Yes. A speed controller. Install it in your brain right away. Pace when you have to. Slow down when you have to. Be flexible, be smart and use your time selectively. If a project requires speed, run like you’re on fire. But if it doesn’t, please slow down. Take time to make decisions which involve investment in the form of time. Take control and balance.

Work-Life Balance

Oh yes. Technology is advancing every second, but it’s okay to sometimes let go off it. Every gadget we use has an “OFF” button. Once a while, press it, keep the gadget away, and observe. Observe the people around you, observe your surroundings. Delve deeper into yourself and see where you really are. Whether you wanted to be the way you are, in that moment, or not. If not, change it. You see, that’s the beauty of Life- you can change anything you want to, at any given moment. Give yourself a break from work and enjoy the valuable “ME” time.

Inculcate these 4 habits in your daily routine and see how you’ll easily balance your work-life equation!



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