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6 Cool Web Design Trends You Should Look Out For, in 2017!

It’s that time of the year where people are waiting for the man with the Red bag full of wishes to fulfill their wishes and get them gifts! So I thought, why not give a gift to all you Web Designing enthusiasts this December? Hhahah..

Web design trends haven’t really changed frankly, but they just got hotter and classier for 2017!

Upgrade yourself and check out these 6 Cool Web Design Trends which are already ruling the market, and are likely to rule in 2017 too!

1. Engaging Videos and GIFS

Images and pictorial presentations have always won hearts over words, for UI Designs. This, has humbly given way to videos and GIFS which engage the customer and makes them wanting for more. Full-screen videos are in and are very dynamic. Replace the boring words with more of videos which will attract the customers.

Web Design Trends

Source: http://bit.ly/2im4O0k

2. 3D effect and Material Design

Some time ago, Google came up with the ‘Material Design‘- the concept of geometric shapes, adding shadows, volume and boldness to that geometric style. While it was “in”, even in 2016, it is going to continue trending in 2017 too. Be ready to make and witness more and more 3D shapes and outlines, inspired from real-life objects.

Web Design Trends

Source: http://bit.ly/2h81qFb

3. Parallax Effect and Breaking the Grid

For a lot of time, designers have used the grid to maintain uniformity in the design. In recent times, the parallax effect has taken over. Designers are opting for a design which aims at “breaking the grid”. Websites with non-traditional designs look more intriguing and interesting. You get to play with the focal points like layering, motion and depth.

Web Design Trends

Source: http://bit.ly/2im9Hqg

4. Flashy Typography

Initially designers opted for various san-serifs which are now overrated. It’s time to use flashy, bold, big and beautiful typography. With this field developing rapidly, various web-font services are out there which are cost-effective or even free. So it’s time to get your creative guns out and be as creative as possible when it comes to typography.

Web Design Trends

Source: http://bit.ly/2hYQ48F

5. Hamburger Menu- Experimental Navigation

The controversial Hamburger Menu has been accepted, criticized, and experimented by various designers, and it is going to go on in 2017 too. Navigation is going to get simpler and there are going to be minimum visible main menu navigation items. This is going to give you maximum creative freedom to use the space which stays after wrapping the menu into a sleek way.

Web Design Trends 2017

Source: http://bit.ly/2hxtcMg

6. Micro-interactions

Small, on-screen animations, play a vital role in the UI and UX designs today. They are a form of visual feedback for the users. For example, Facebook’s “LIKE” option! It’s time to add “fun” to “functional”! From slick icon transitions to playful animations, micro-interactions engage customers.

Hold on to these trends and design master-pieces!


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