8 Companies That Are Nailing It With Their Employee Perks! |

8 Companies That Are Nailing It With Their Employee Perks!

Salary is one thing. Working hours is another. But some companies are taking employee satisfaction to whole new level with the perks they offer!

Check out these 9 companies, that are going to make you want to beg them to hire you! Even if all you would be doing is opening doors 😛

A month long paid vacation!


Yes you read that right. Epic Systems Corporation, one of the top most healthcare software companies of USA, offers its employees a four week, fully paid for, sabbatical period  after every 5 years of employment.

The idea is to lead their employees outside the closed walls of an office to upbeat their productivity, and get their creative juices flowing.

Who said holidays only come on Saturday Sundays?


If you’re part of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) employee family you would definitely be gloating to your friends about the famous Panda Fridays.

Apart from the regular Saturdays Sundays, the company also gives its employees every alternate Friday off, as part of their effort to save energy every now and then and reduce the carbon footprint.

Of course, you ought to be pushing a little hard during the other days to make sure the work gets done!

Learn cooking at Work!


Who would have thought, eh? Evernote,  the super famous note taking app company hosts what they called “The Evernote Academy”

The academy allows its employees to take free life coaching classes,  that’s not just your average language and academic courses but also includes quirky lessons such as “Barista Training, “Macaroon Baking”,  “Bloody Mary Making” .

Now wouldn’t we call that all-round professional development ? 😉

The Happiest Place on Earth


Duh, I work for Walt Disney.  Free passes to every Disney Amusement Park and unlimited discounts to hotels and merchandise is part of my appointment letter.

Did I mention, I get to take my friends and family along? Who’s the boss now B)

For the love of Reading!


Twilio, a cloud communications company based from San Francisco, Cali gives out a free kindle to each and every new employee with a 30$/month book benefits.

Good Bye Book Stores, Good Bye Ebay!

One for the mothers!


Most of the firms around the world have upped their game when it comes to benefits for new mothers and fathers.

Apart from sufficient parental leaves, counseling for getting back to work and day care, there are two companies that provide perks worth highlighting:

  1. Facebook : The Social Media Giant offers $4000 which they call “Baby Cash” to employees with newborns.
  2. Zillow : Zillow goes as far as shipping breast milk to babies, when their mothers cannot make it to the right place at the right time.

Wiggle, Wiggle Wiggle.


The house of music, Spotify has its employees grooving at lunch by organizing live concerts with artists of the league of Joss Stone & Lily Allen. Who cares if we’re only eating PBJs then? 🙂

Oh and did I mention, free concert tickets? Heck yeah.

We don’t forget Family


You think Google wouldn’t be on the list when we talk about benefits?!

I wouldn’t want to start talking about the stellar office, gourmet food, power recreation because then I wouldn’t be able to stop.

One noteworthy perk however is that Google offers 50% of the salary to the spouse of an employee that passes away , for ten years. Now that’s called taking care of your employee as if they were family <3


Think you want a piece of these cakes too? Then buddy , it’s time you start working towards it, because as they say No pain, No Gain.

On a side note, one month of paid vacation? Damn, can someone tell me the procedure to apply for Epic Systems ?


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