Amani Nagda’s Internship at Viacom18- An Experience To Remember |
Internship Experience at Viacom18

Amani Nagda’s Internship at Viacom18- An Experience To Remember

Life is never measured in terms of the number of rupee notes we earn, life, is measured in terms of the special moments, experiences and achievements that we have in our kitty. A good internship experience is one of these. If you still haven’t tried doing an internship, let this chirpy, creative girl inspire you to look for one, right away, as she shares her outstanding internship experience at none other than Viacom18.

So here is Amani Nagda for you guys…(wait, let Amani be ‘A’ and Me be ‘I’ 😛 )

I: Hey! So, can’t wait to ask you this one, you are currently an intern at “THE Viacom18”,  How did you bag this internship?
A: So I knew my vacations were coming up and I didn’t want to while away my time, faffing around. I came up with an idea to pass my time productively. In order to get hooked onto an internship, I started looking online but didn’t find anything promising until I stumbled upon Intern Theory and uploaded my CV, and they contacted me soon enough after which the entire process began.

I: When exactly did you start working? You’re a full time intern or a part time?
A: Oh, it’s almost going to be three months very soon now. *smiles brightly* I started off on the 18th of March to be precise. Also, it’s a full time job, but as soon as my first year degree starts, I’ll be turning it into part time to manage with classes. 😀

I: A whopping three months! Wow. So, tell me, Amani, why were you looking for an internship?
A: I wanted to do an internship, to pass away my time as well as gain some experience. Reason being, the course that I want to do, after having done that, to bag a job I’ll need a good amount of experience and exposure. I just looked for Internships related to writing and Viacom 18 popped up, and so I went for it.

(Guys, are you taking some notes down? She makes it sound so easy! 😛 )

I: What do you do?
A: Well, I’m a content writer. I work with the VOOT team. *whoot whoot*

I: Voot…hmmm.. (kahi pe naam suna hai *wonders* )
A: Wait, I’ll tell you! 😛  Well, if you watch your fair share of daily soaps and read your newspapers, you must’ve come across this newly launched application called Voot. So all the channels under Viacom18 that have their respective shows are available on this app to watch at your convenience. Be it the long lost cartoon show Dexter’s Laboratory or the most happening show of today’s generation, Roadies and Splitsvilla. We’ve got it all! Do make sure to check it out!

(Promotion kar rahi hai baccho, dekho aur seekho! 😛 )

I: Sounds exciting! What kind of content do you generate? 
A: I help update the concurrent content (daily soaps), and write for it, describing in a few sentences what you can expect from the episode. The content on Voot is fit to be watched by all age groups. We’ve got kids content-Powerpuff girls, Ben 10, Dexter’s Laboratory, Kung Fu Panda and many more. We’ve got the daily soaps that air of the channel Colours and also a bunch of movies like, Bajirao Mastani, Queen, Gangs of Wasseypur etc.

I: That’s so cool! How does it feel to work on VOOT app? Is everything as colorful as its logo? 
A: Honestly, everything is even more colorful than the logo of Voot. It might sound too good to be true, not only Voot but the whole of Viacom 18 is a big happy family.

(waah, hum saath saath hain :P)

I: You make this sound so interesting and fun. So Ms. Nagda, tell us, why Content Writing out of all the fields?
A : I was initially supposed to take up Chartered Accountancy 😛 and even gave my entrance exam. Having done that I realized, going down this road is only going to make my parents happy and leave me unsatisfied. I finally gathered the courage to tell them that I wanted to pursue my passion, writing. I couldn’t have asked for more because they happily agreed to me and have been supporting me thereon.

I: That, is very inspiring. So, Viacom18 eh? How is the work culture there?
A: All I can say is that when you enter the office, there’s this aura of surety  and positivity around you that makes you feel confident all at once.

I: Wow! It surely reflects in your confident personality. 🙂 I was wondering, how do you like your colleagues? Are they fun to be with? 
A: My colleagues are a lot of fun. So I’m the youngest amongst all of them obviously, but I like the fact that they don’t treat me like a kid. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but they’re witty as hell and I like that about them. I can have all sorts of conversations with them and not get bored.

I: Awesome! So here’s a tricky question, any favourites? 
A: Everyone’s a good friend of mine. I do have a favourite, but I won’t give out names 😉 *smiles sheepishly*

(The girl’s trying to play it safe fellas, take some more notes! 😛 )

I: How beneficial has it been to work with your Employer?
A: So I report to the head of the publishing team, Shilangi Mukherjee. I have learned quite a lot from her really and it’s commendable how patient she’s been with me all this while. She’s never talked down to me or made me feel out of place.

I: Looks like you got lucky! We all know how it feels to step into an unknown territory. What tips would you like to give to the aspiring interns?
A: Dear aspiring interns, the only advice or tip that I’d give you is to be yourself and love what you do. 🙂

I: A precise and short yet useful tip. Now we know why you are a content writer. 😀 So, which is your most memorable moment in these 3 months?
A: My most memorable moment in the past three months hands down has to be when I got my first paycheck. I know money wasn’t really a priority, but then, to say that it was overwhelming to have earned it, is an understatement. I took my family out for a lavish meal with it.

I: Loved the way you spent your stipend. Your family must be very proud of you.
A: Yes. *smiles proudly*

I: Enough of Senti baate, tell us, what is the wackiest thing you’ve done in your office so far?
A : You ask me for the wackiest thing I’ve done? I’ll give you a list.

(woaah, check this out 😛 )

  1. In the seriousness of all the work, to relieve myself from all the stress, I’ve played tournaments of Fooseball one after another at office.
  2. Just recently, I danced on the roof of my office when it was raining.
  3. Well another thing that I did wasn’t really whacky, but unique one can say. There was a blood donating campaign at our office and having turned 18 just recently, I donated my blood for the first time.

I:  You, my dear friend, are giving us internship goals. Hahaha..So, alllll said and done, are you satisfied with your internship? How was the experience?
A: I am more than satisfied with my internship. It’s really overwhelming, because they respect me and treat me like they would, had it been any other employee. The experience? So far, so good.

I: Give us 8 words which can describe your internship at Viacom18 ! (content writer hai bhaai, itna to banta hai! 😛 )
A : An unforgettable experience, that I will always cherish.

I: Superb! Last but not the least, how did Intern theory help you?
A: To tell you the truth, if it weren’t for Intern Theory, I don’t think I’d achieve as much as I have in the past 3 months. I would especially like to thank Nikita (go Nikki :P) for being so patient with me and always staying in touch with me, guiding me whenever required and returning back quick with an answer to every query of mine(even when it was a little silly at times).

I: Hahah..amazing. Thank you so much for giving us this interview, it is surely going to inspire many people. 🙂
A: Thank You! I hope it really does.

Inspiring internship experience


So, aspiring interns, non-aspiring interns, working people, non-working people, students, bhaiyaas, and behens, sab dhyaan se sun lo! If this internship experience doesn’t motivate you to step out of your den, then I don’t know what else will! Amani got her dream internship, and she is making the most out of it, when are you getting one?

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  1. Heli Sadhani says:

    Nikki find me a job too!! Soon , keep up the good work

  2. Naumaan Seth says:

    Proud of my sis amlu u rock

  3. Pinky Mehta says:

    Well, Amani always confident in my class too….she had that unique maturity around her which she never misused..silent but very observant n her confidence were her biggest positive points..she proved now that what she loved she followed..And Amani I proudly say..I am Inspired by you..You just SHINE GIRL.

  4. pinky mehta says: of the silent confident modern brat of my class..always classy in her looks and attitude..with loads of respect for teachers..maturity came as easy trait as smile on your face..mistery behind her silence and charisma of her presence always charmed people..very proud of her for sure..and not to forget..I am Inspired by you Amani…Rise n Shine like a Star…

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