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The Legend of The Ideal Intern

The following blog that you are about to read is older than blogs themselves. They go back to date when the corporate world was just a tiny hatchling in the world. We have faced many a foe and danger to get our hands on this, just for your benefit. So now read the what’s and what not’s of our Legen-WaitForIt-dary […]
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How To Make The Most of an Internship

Landing a good internship is a harder task than most predict. Days of research, finding the contact of the HR manager, making a good CV, hounding the HR manager and then if you are lucky, you get the job, if not, you start again from the beginning of this sentence. Or, you could sign up with Intern Theory and directly […]
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Types of Interns a Company Can Hire

Internships are quickly gaining popularity amongst the youth today. This is a trend introduced by the advent of compulsory work experience for higher education and the need for corporate ready freshers. As an employer, you will find yourself in a pool of raw talent, waiting to be moulded into corporate gamuts. From this amalgamation of young energy, finding what you […]
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Internship for Dummies

Internship. One word, and a million questions flash in your head. Let’s start with the most obvious one: “What is an Internship?” An internship is a taste of the corporate world in the comfort of your student life. It originates from the idea of apprenticeships, in which learned masters took on promising young students and taught them their trade in […]
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popular internship profiles among students

5 Popular Internship Profiles among Students

Students-in-demand. Three words that aptly describe the Internship scenario in India. With the Indian Start Up scene at an all time high, there seems to be a high demand for talented, committed and willing interns, such as you, ready to take on the Corporate World. And so, with these endless opportunities coming your way, you want to make sure you’re […]
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resume writing dos and donts

Resume Writing : Do’s and Dont’s

What is a Resume? A Resume is a medium through which the employer can know your basic background, skills and achievements. So, a way to judge you even before you step in the interview room. Resume writing is a skill to be mastered by ALL professionals looking for a job. Why a Resume? A Resume is your ticket to the […]
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5 Apps That Make A Student's Pocket Feel Heavier

5 Apps That Make A Student’s Pocket Feel Heavier

It is always exciting for a student to use or download a product that is rewarding its customers in some way or the other. Cash back, Hard Money, Mobile Recharges, and Discount Coupons have become a means of tempting potential audiences into using their services. And why not? With so much competition, Customer is King and a King deserves special […]
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how to set up an internship program

How to set up an Internship Program

You’ve realised that setting up an internship program is beneficial for your business. Setting up an internship program is similar to starting a new project. Well defined steps are required to hire the right intern for your business. What will your first step be? How will you go about setting up the perfect internship program which benefits both, the intern […]
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whyt start an internship program

Why start an Internship Program

A company’s strength lies in its ability to adapt and change according to its specific demographic. An internship program is a very innovative way of doing just that. Considering that you are a small-to-medium sized company, one of your primary needs is to discover new talent and fresh ideas for the growth of the company. An internship program helps you […]
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