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Communication Skills

Top 9 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

With more and more social media “pings” and “dings”, the world is getting silent. What I mean to say is that we might excel in typing ridiculously fast and talking rapidly on social media platforms, but our communication skills are going for a toss. But we contradict our own realities, because today, communication is also the King. No matter who […]
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Summer internship

How to Select the Perfect Summer Internship?

Summer Internship Hunting was very difficult a few years back, but it’s not the case anymore. Today, you have the liberty to choose and select a summer internship which is perfect for your career. But how do you select an internship which garners the maximum experience for you, and also leaves you satisfied? Well, here are some points you can […]
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Marketing Goals

How to Set Up Marketing Goals For Your Company?

“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.” Gone are the days when marketing was all about leads and links. It’s 2017, and you need outstanding marketing goals to withstand all the forces around you. Customer is the King. If you are stuck, or your company growth is stagnant, or your customers are simply […]
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Indian-American Indrani Das

Indian-American Girl Wins Junior Nobel Prize For America’s Oldest Science Competition!

13 Indian-American students shine in America’s oldest and most prestigious Science competition- Regeneron Science Talent Search Competition, taking home exquisite prize money and recognition. Indrani Das, 17, New Jersey, won the first prize in this competition, also known as the “Junior Nobel Prize”  and took home prize money, worth $250,000 (1.63 Cr) for her outstanding research in treating brain injuries […]
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Career Options for Doodle Artists: Doodle Your Way To A Successful Career!

“Nose, the nose seems a bit round.” “Her specs, let me make them square.”  *15 minutes and a lot of scribbles later…..* “Hahaahah, finally she looks like Miss. Braganza!” *Pats his own back..*  Well well, if this is your everyday story in college and lectures, you have come to the right blog. 😛 If the last page of every book […]
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Study Hacks

14 Study Hacks To Beat The EXAM FEAR: Easy, Innovative And Effective!

Exam Time is extremely challenging. A few bitten nails, severe headaches, empty Chai cups, and tonnes of sheets later, you think you are finally ready for D-Day. But just 2 hours before your exam, you see a question you’ve never seen, and you can feel the panic rising again! Avoid that moment. But how will you do that? Well..Here are […]
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Creative Entrepreneurs

13 Most Creative Entrepreneurs Of All Time!

Before I start spilling my creativity on this blank screen, I would like to tell you who a Creative Entrepreneur is. Well, as the name goes, A Creative Entrepreneur is someone working in the creative field who is able to convert it into business success in terms of business growth (profit, market, share, employees) and who is also able to […]
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How To Juggle Between Work And Freelancing?

Always wondering how to balance work and freelancing? Fret no more! Here are a few hacks to balance Work and Freelancing like a BOSS! Balance a Ratio: Your Work and freelancing ratio should NOT be balanced. Surprised? Well, if the ratio of your full-time job work is 4, keep your freelancing work ratio 3, which makes it 4:3. Nothing more, […]
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Intern Theory

Rizy’s Internship at Intern Theory: Work, Play & Hakka Noodles!

A lot of people have stepped on the Center Stage space, with their internship experiences with various other companies. Some were inspirational, while some were fun! But this Center Stage is closer to my heart, as I have covered our very own Intern’s Internship Experience with Intern Theory! From learning essential marketing skills, to having yummy Hakka noodles for Lunch……… […]
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