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Katha Mehta and Her Experience at BookMyShow

  Katha Mehta shares her experience as a Content Writing Intern at BookMyShow with us. Read on, find your inspiration and kickstart your search for an internship this summer! Katha Mehta, Intern at BookMyShow Interviewer: Hello Katha! Katha: Hi! I: I understand you interned at BookMyShow, yes? K: That’s right. I interned as a content writer for BookMyShow for about […]
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student bypasses the great firewall of china

How a student bypassed the Great Firewall of China

Siddharth Raja: iFreedom App  As I sit in my Engineering college canteen, chilling with friends, a 20 something, thin, lanky guy with jeans and a t shirt walks by. Who could guess that he is a Mark Zuckerberg in disguise? The creator of the most famous proxy app with over 5 million downloads on the playstore and appstore, sponsored by […]
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intern at porsche

Harshil Bhadra, Life of an Intern at Porsche

They say peers influence and inspire you the most. Harshil Bhadra shares his experience as an Intern at Porsche with us. Its time for you to take a leaf off his experience and start applying for internships yourself! Harshil Bhadra, Intern at Porsche Center, Prabhadevi, Mumbai Interviewer: What led you to searching for an internship? Harshil: I’m doing a specialized course […]
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