Career Options for Doodle Artists: Doodle Your Way To A Successful Career! |

Career Options for Doodle Artists: Doodle Your Way To A Successful Career!

“Nose, the nose seems a bit round.” “Her specs, let me make them square.” 

*15 minutes and a lot of scribbles later…..*

“Hahaahah, finally she looks like Miss. Braganza!” *Pats his own back..* 

Well well, if this is your everyday story in college and lectures, you have come to the right blog. 😛 If the last page of every book of yours is filled with funny scribbles, if your textbooks have creative doodles all over it, and if your mom scolds you almost everyday for covering various surfaces like tissue papers, rough books, newspapers etc, with doodles, AND if you have been told that “Ye sab drawing painting se kuch nahi hoga, kuch kaam kar le”, you have come to the right page, mi lord. It’s time to put on the “thug life” sunglasses and build a career from your “scribbly nothings”! How is that possible?

Here are 8 Career Options for Doodle Artists (Fancy name, I know) which you can pursue, if you love doodling:

1. Cartoonists

Do you get fascinated by those funny comic strips in newspapers? Do you always end up making funny faces and comic human figures on paper? Well, then a career as a cartoonist will give you utmost satisfaction!

Many cherish the art of cartooning, but very few take it up as a professional career. But not anymore! Cartooning is a disciplined art, contrary to popular belief. And you can surely have a rocking career in this field!

Qualifications: Knack of pulling off a satire via cartoons and being able to make meaningful, yet funny comic strips. A good knowledge and interest in political affairs and global news helps a lot. There are a lot of online courses which can also help. A lot of workshops also get conducted, like Ponappa from Bangalore.

Career prospects: A cartoonist mostly works a freelancer but there are high chances of getting a full-time job for Magazines, Newspapers, Ad agencies, greeting card design houses, etc.

Doodle Artists Career options


2. Etchers and Engravers

Etchers and engravers etch designs, names, etc on wood, rubber, metal and various other materials. This creative field requires finesse, precision and creativity. If you have what it takes to make a fine stroke without being shaky, this career option is for you.

Qualifications: Generally, you need to have your graduation degree, and talent. But, institutes like the Indian Institute of Gems, organizes certificate courses which you can take up, for polishing your skills.

Career Prospects: Etchers are needed in both the technical and creative industries. You can go on and become a machine operator or a chemical etcher, or even start your own gift shop, by making customized etched gifts.

Doodle Artists Career Options


3. Tattoo Artists

Everybody wants to get a tattoo done today, like almost everyone. This is the BEST career option for doodle artists looking for a career which pays them well, satisfies their creative hunger, and allows them to doodle happily. You always see the tattoo artist and wonder how cool he/she is. (I do, every time) So why not be one yourself? 😛

Qualifications: A professional portfolio of your artistic designs should be made. Tattooing is not a child’s play, it is human skin you are dealing with, so you need proper training. Now that there is a boom in this industry, there a lot of art classes and training available which you can choose from. Also, getting a licence is necessary, if you seriously want to make it big!

Career Prospects: You can either freelance, or get a job at a tattoo studio. Take up apprenticeship first, and then go on with your studio/shop. This profession can pay you a bomb, if you plan it well.

Doodle Artists Career Options


4. Mural Artists

Does seeing huge beautiful paintings on walls of buildings or churches leave you speechless? Do you crave to paint on a bigger canvas all the time? Well, then this career is just for you. Mural artists need LOT of patience, speed, and vivid imagination.

Qualifications: A degree in fine arts will be appreciated. Take up as many courses on Painting as possible. Muralists need a lot experience, and unmatched skills, to stay in the field for a long period of time.

Career Prospects: Turn City walls into your canvas by being a freelancer. Many municipal corporations look forward to beautify cities- you can help them in that. Apart from that, Murals are welcomed in Churches, huge buildings, etc. Many firms even hire muralists full-time.

Doodle Artists Career Options


5. Illustrators

Career as an Illustrator can be very fulfilling for a doodle artist, as the scope as an illustrator is very diverse. You can easily choose from being a fashion illustrator, comic book illustrator, courtroom illustrator, medical illustrator to a forensic illustrator and much more.

Qualifications: For a general illustrator, a degree in arts/fine-arts works just fine. You need to do various courses on illustration and you’ll be good to go. For special illustration careers, you need specific degrees.

Doodle Artists Career options


6. Installation Artists

This art is difficult to master, yet beautiful. It involves bringing creativity to life by giving it dimensions. Installation art is often site-specific and is designed to transform the perception of a space. This field is relatively unexplored, which can work in your favor.

Qualifications: A degree in Fine Arts is a must. If you have a thing for Dimensions, this is your field. Architecture students are also preferred.

Career Prospects: Freelance, or get hired by companies who design museums or art galleries. Many a times, huge offices like installation art in their lobbies too.

Doodle Artists Career options


7. Mosaic Designers

If you love getting lost in patterns and designs, you definitely need to try your hand at mosaic art.

Qualifications: A basic degree in any field, (preferably fine arts) and lots and lots of practice to master the skill. You could take up a good course from various art courses organized for artists.

Career Prospects: Take up a certificate course and start practicing. Put the art on sale, or work as an apprentice with someone else. Also, interior design houses and museums hire full-time mosaic artists, so keep checking for such opportunities too.

Doodle Artists Career Options


8. Caricaturists

If you love sketching human figures and faces, and are good at it, you can build your career as a caricaturist right away! Best thing? It pays really well. 😛

Qualifications: A degree in illustration, or fine arts helps. Apart from this, all you need is talent and love for detailing.

Career Prospects: Huge parties and events generally look for caricaturists. You can even work for the Police (Remember CID? :P) or be a multimedia artist and animator, with further training.

Doodle Artists Career options


So, don’t let your love for scribbling and doodling go to waste! Make a career out of it, instead!


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  1. Manisha Singh says:

    I always had a liking towards comic strip and doodle making but I never thought that I could make my career out of it . It was very informative and I will try to become one for sure .

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