Career Options for Doodle Artists: Doodle Your Way To A Successful Career!

“Nose, the nose seems a bit round.” “Her specs, let me make them square.”  *15 minutes and a lot of scribbles later…..* “Hahaahah, finally she looks like Miss. Braganza!” *Pats his own back..*  Well well, if this is your everyday story in college and lectures, you have come to the right blog. 😛 If the last page of every book […]
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Study Hacks

14 Study Hacks To Beat The EXAM FEAR: Easy, Innovative And Effective!

Exam Time is extremely challenging. A few bitten nails, severe headaches, empty Chai cups, and tonnes of sheets later, you think you are finally ready for D-Day. But just 2 hours before your exam, you see a question you’ve never seen, and you can feel the panic rising again! Avoid that moment. But how will you do that? Well..Here are […]
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Creative Entrepreneurs

13 Most Creative Entrepreneurs Of All Time!

Before I start spilling my creativity on this blank screen, I would like to tell you who a Creative Entrepreneur is. Well, as the name goes, A Creative Entrepreneur is someone working in the creative field who is able to convert it into business success in terms of business growth (profit, market, share, employees) and who is also able to […]
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How To Juggle Between Work And Freelancing?

Always wondering how to balance work and freelancing? Fret no more! Here are a few hacks to balance Work and Freelancing like a BOSS! Balance a Ratio: Your Work and freelancing ratio should NOT be balanced. Surprised? Well, if the ratio of your full-time job work is 4, keep your freelancing work ratio 3, which makes it 4:3. Nothing more, […]
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Valuable Startups

6 Most Valuable Startups in India

When your number game is strong, you automatically get listed under a certain category. With Modi’s “Start Up India, Stand Up India” Action Plan, a new wave of startups has rushed in. But there are some start-ups which have imprinted their names in our day-to-day activities, and have in turn made their way to this Billion Dollar Club or the […]
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This 2017, Stop Doing These 9 Things, To Lead A Productive Life!

Before You think this blog is a random ranting from a random stranger trying to intervene in your Life, and giving You seemingly superior advice on how to live Life, just wait. Wait, wait for once in Life, and give this blog a chance to remind you of all the things you have been conditioned to forget. While some of […]
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New Year Resolutions

6 Weird New Year Resolutions Which Will Make You Go “WTF!”

It’s almost 2017 and people are taking on to SNS platforms to share their New Year Resolutions for 2017. Over the years, we have heard people make New Year Resolutions. While most of them are about hitting the gym and losing weight, ( yeah, I know, totally overrated and boring), there are some people who have had weird and unusual […]
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