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Top 5 Job Opportunities of the Week!

So you think Intern Theory is only a platform to kick-start your career through internships? Nope. Here are the top 5 Fresher Job Opportunities for You this week! 1. Junior Analyst at BPM-D. Key Role:  You Key Role will be to provide consulting services to clients. To help client’s organization on advancing their decision support/performance management by modelling business processes. […]
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Top 5 Internships

The TOP 5 Internships of The Month

No. This is not just a random blog post. This is big; Big as in BIG in capital! Are you looking for an exclusive internship? Are you looking forward to working at some place big and influential? You know what you want but you don’t really know how to go about it? Well, this is where Intern Theory always steps […]
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Internship at Google

Internship at Google India

We generally ask Google Baba for different internship openings. Imagine if you get a chance to work at Google itself!! Google, like its colourful logo, is a family consisting of people from various backgrounds! So, it is looking for talented professionals from diverse backgrounds who can help them in their current and ongoing projects. Google is re-inventing internships in an […]
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Looking For An Internship? Let’s Get Personal

As students, we often come across funny situations. You sit and stare at your glowing laptop screen and wonder- “How will I get a job without experience?” “But wait, how will I get experience without a job?” Word games eh? But suddenly, as you are about to freak out, your eyes fall on an advertisement, saying- “Marketing Intern needed” EUREKA!! […]
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Internship at Radio City 91.1FM, Essel Vision, Style Cracker and Star TV

We at Intern Theory are constantly trying to bring you’ll new and exciting internships. Here, we showcase a handful from our goodie bag. “Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them.” -William Arthur Ward Make sure you don’t miss your sunrise. Internship at Radio City Interning at a Radio Broadcasting centre is probably the coolest internship […]
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internship at reliance

Internship at Reliance Fashion Brands

Featured Company: Reliance Fashion Brands Internship Profile: Sales and Marketing Where: Top brands in malls around Mumbai What is this sales and marketing I keep hearing? Sales and Marketing is a fascinating area where one not only has to have good communication and convincing prowess but also the quick realization of a customer’s wants and re-strategize the approach accordingly. Okay fine. […]
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