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How Can I Help My Child Grow Financially?

The answer is simple- Just help your child by giving him/her Rs.5000. Yes, you might have a lot of questions running in your mind, but before anything else, let’s see.. How a Father helped his Son with just Rs.5000 and loads of motivation, to not only be financially stable, but make a distinct identity in the World. Disclaimer: This is […]
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Summer Internship Fair


Only 2 days are left for our Post Graduate Online Summer Internship Fair to end, and things have never been so charged up! Still clueless about this Fair? Well… Here is all that You need to know, about our Post-Graduate Online Summer Internship Fair: Why has the Fair been organized? Intern Theory recently conducted a survey where it was observed […]
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Checklist for Viacom18’s “What’s Your Story?” Contest!

So are you about to submit your story and promo for Viacom18’s “What’s Your Story?” Contest for it’s Creative Trainee Program? Well, then you’ve got to make sure it’s perfect! Check out these essential points for Viacom18’s “What’s Your Story?” Contest’s Application, without which your story and promo will be incomplete!   Wasn’t this helpful? Now that you have checked […]
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WTF! News: Parents in Spain go on a Homework Strike for their Children!

While our Indian Parents are busy twisting our ears and pushing us to do our homework on time, parents in Spain have done something unusual. Parents in Spain planned to go on a strike for their children as they think it is “detrimental” to their child’s progress.  Source: This strike was called by the The Spanish Alliance of Parent’s Association, […]
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7 Things Interns Look For In a Company, While Taking Up An Internship.

Nowadays, an Internship Program is very crucial for a company’s growth, no matter how big or small a company is. Also, there is a difference between organizing an internship program, and organizing a good and lucrative internship program. The most important part in an internship program is the intern himself/herself. It is very important to keep an intern’s wants and […]
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