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Cool Ways To Spice Up Your Internship

So its summer time and you’ve already hit the bull’s eye and have bagged an internship which pays you quite well and promises an exquisite learning experience. It has been 4 days you’ve been working enthusiastically, but yet, as you sit on your sofa with your laptop and a mug of coffee, your mind and heart start a battle of their own and you come to a conclusion “ki yaar, wo baat nahi he, mazaa nahi aa raha.”

It is at times like these that you should spice-up an internship to satisfy the creative monster in you, to make your internship fun. Doing everything you need, you think? Submitting projects on time? Well, It’s high time you take your creative and zany guns out, and SHOOOT…! Here are some ways you can spice-up the not so interesting internship:


It’s always fun to get that quirky side of you out, and suggest ideas which seem to be impossible and crazy. Blend-in your crazy side with the sane one, and create ideas which are unconventional, yet meaningful. Doing this will add a spark to your personality and will satisfy the quirky keeda in you!

spice up your internship


Always wanted the super cool Batman diary in that shop? Or the DIY journal on Pinterest? Make it! Make a DIY customised super cool diary, and note down all that you do, every single day, for your internship. Be it the new creative idea you shared, or the new Sandwich that you tried in your office canteen, write it out! You could even stick some pictures to make it fun. This will help you to review your day and learning experience better! Sometimes our mind does not record all the new things we do, but by writing it out, you’ll be clear on everything you’ve learned from your internship.

spice up your internship


It doesn’t matter if it’s a full time internship or a part time, or even a work from home, always be outgoing and expressive. Express, pitch and convey your thoughts and ideas to everyone. Well, if you are an introvert, you will get a chance to experience the bliss of meaningful conversations, and if you are an extrovert- apna to din ban gaya!

spice up your internship


Be it an intern from your department, or the other department, hang out with all of them. Packing that yummy Parantha that you’ve made with your mom’s recipe? Pack some more! Gel-up with different people over lunch, know their story. Ask them more about their job and experience. There is nothing more fun, than reading different pages of a book that even you are a part of!

spice up your internship


If you have been allotted your own working space, be it a small desk or anything; customize it to give it that comfortable, home-like feeling. Accept the office as your own, (no don’t make it your home :P), but work for it as if you are working for your father’s office. Dying to make that DIY pen-stand from Pinterest, do it. Make colourful charts to pitch your ideas. Break the monotony.

spice up your internship


Be it any type of internship, take that extra step. You think you’re giving your hundred percent? Think again. We tend to be passive if the work we do doesn’t challenge us. As an intern, take up every task as a challenge, and everything will fall into place.

spice up your internship

Internships are the best way to ‘earn while you learn.’ It’s only when you think that there is nothing left that you mustn’t quit. Spice-up your internship and you’ll see the difference from “mazaa nahi aa raha” to “sahi hai boss!” 😀

If you still haven’t found your internship yet, check out Intern Theory.


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  1. Geetesh L says:

    Whoa! Well summarized! Just the kind of motivation I was needing. (:

  2. Jyoti dalal says:

    Superb and very well articulated

  3. Dharti says:

    Motivating and superbly written! I’m making my DIY dairy right away 😀

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