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Harshil Bhadra, Life of an Intern at Porsche

They say peers influence and inspire you the most. Harshil Bhadra shares his experience as an Intern at Porsche with us. Its time for you to take a leaf off his experience and start applying for internships yourself!

Harshil Bhadra, Intern at Porsche Center, Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Interviewer: What led you to searching for an internship?
Harshil: I’m doing a specialized course in H.R College, pursuing a degree in Retail Management. The course has a 4 months compulsory program of internship and 8 months college. So basically we end our graduation with only 1 year experience. Since I had made up my mind to make my career in the retail field, I decided to take matters into my own hand and do something about it.

I: That is great! Independent thinking indeed. We all know that finding an internship is no easy job, so how did you do it?
H: I approached Intern Theory and their team helped me by contacting different areas in their network. The result being me getting a call from the Porsche Center, Mumbai. I got selected and got the job role of a Marketing intern.

I: Wow! Porsche is a pretty big name! I bet most of our readers are envious already. Tell us a bit about the work culture and environment at Porsche.
H: I was very lucky to be present to observe a transitioning environment. There is always more to learn when change is in the offing. The work culture was in a transition stage from the old Dealership to new Corporate world:- Jubilant Motorworks. So I gained a lot of experience just by observing how a company is taken over.

I: They do say observation is the best teacher after all. So what was the Hardest task that you faced as an intern at Porsche?
H: Hardest task?(laughs and takes a moment to think) I guess for me it was the lack of technical knowledge and e-mail writing; yet later I took it as a challenge and with the help of my manager I improved myself by learning Advance Excel and also working on my communication skills.

I:From the hardest to the most memorable moment, which moment will be framed in your mind forever?
H: My most memorable moment has got to be my Farewell! I got a ride in the Macan turbo, a cake-cutting celebration and greetings from Porsche family members.

I: (grabs tissue and dabs eye) Porsche sure knows how to hit the sweet spot. Right in the feels there and a ride in the Macan Turbo no less. So you are obviously taking a lot back from this aren’t you?
H: Oh yes! Amazing memories, love from people, the uncountable things I have learnt as an intern at Porsche, corporate grooming etiquettes, knowledge about industry, how to make the best use of an internship and lots of photos(smiles).

I: That does sound like a lot! So to wrap things up, why would you suggest Intern Theory to your friends?
H: Well, if you are more than satisfied with a particular product/firm who gives you more than you expect then there’s no need to find a substitute. Its similar with Intern Theory, best team who makes continuous efforts and always ready to help! Thanks for giving me the best start.

I: You sound like a Marketing Intern alright(both laugh). Okay then! Thank you so much for your time Harshil, all the very best for your future endeavours from Team Intern Theory. Cheers!

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