Hiring Interns: Your Secret to Cutting Costs, this 2017! |

Hiring Interns: Your Secret to Cutting Costs, this 2017!

Hello! I am, what they call, as an “Intern”.

With the rise of the Startup trend in India, I am totally in demand, and it’s overwhelming. While many big and small companies are getting inclined towards hiring me already, there are some companies who are still unaware or skeptical about hiring me. Some think I am too young to help them, while some think that training me is time consuming.

So, while doing internships, I observed that:

Hiring Interns, i.e. people like Me, is Your Secret to Cutting Costs, this 2017!

1. Pay Less- Gain More!

We Interns are totally low maintenance. No salary, just Stipend- that’s how it works for us. All we look for, is an internship which can give us valuable practical experience and we strive to give our best. After all, we are working for our resumes! So pay less, gain more!

Pay Less to Interns


2. Less Training Costs and Efforts:

Our theories are fresh in our minds, and we are constantly in touch with theory due to academics. This works well in your favor, as you don’t have to fret over starting from the beginning. Yes, of course we need training, but it is cost effective and we grasp faster! This is not likely to happen with freshers, or experienced people, as you might have to start from the start for them.

Less Training to Interns


3. In-house Recruitment:

According to a survey, 83.6% Interns accepted full-time jobs which 68.4% Companies offered, in 2016. With High Conversion Rates, it seems that in-house recruitment is the latest tool for cutting costs. Team Building is extremely expensive for a company, so is filling vacancies. In such a scenario, offering a full-time job to an Intern who has already seen your work culture and imbibed the skills, is your best option for recruitment. Think about it- No Advertisement Expenses, no training, no taking risks.

Cut COsts by hiring Interns


4. Cheap Talent Sourcing:

Talent pooling and sourcing can be extremely tedious and time consuming- not to forget the expenses. Hiring an intern is your cheapest and most effective way, to source talent for your company:

  • We interns are charged up with fresh ideas, renewed energy and we have hunger for knowledge.
  • No Visiting Campuses- Suddenly there are so many students surging forward and looking for internships, that all you have to do, is post an internship on an online portal, for free.
  • Cut costs on posters, leaflets, and many such things.

Cheap Talent Sourcing via Interns


As an Intern, I assure you, that you will never regret hiring me. If you want to post an internship and hire me, you can post your internship on portals like .

Around 4,500 Companies on that portal, have already walked on this secret path of cutting costs by hiring interns. Are you looking forward to do the same? 🙂

Awaiting an internship opportunity from you.

Yours Sincerely,





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