How to Make The Most Out of Your Slow Work Days? |

How to Make The Most Out of Your Slow Work Days?

It’s your 5th day at the summer internship and you have absolutely no work. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur and it’s a boring Thursday wherein all your tasks have been taken care of. Or simply, you are in no mood to work because the day is extremely sluggish and boring. So, in these cases, generally what do you do? Surf Social Media pages, (DUH!) or……surf social media pages. 😛

Instead, here are some productive ways to kill time on a slow work day in office!

1.Stalk competitors.

Well, don’t stalk them literally. Hahah..What I meant is, study their marketing strategies closely, and learn from them. Let there be a healthy competition with others, but don’t let go of the competitive spirit. Every one is there in the market for a reason, don’t forget yours. Make your slow day at work interesting by researching about your competitors.

2. Socialize with colleagues.

A slow day at work gives you the ultimate chance to socialize with your colleagues. The best workplace is one where everyone get together to be one big happy family of people who know each other and respect each other. Chuck social media for some other time like travelling; talk to those who are free around you in office. It could literally be anyone- from the peon to even your boss (Depends on the kind of relationship you share with him/her :P)

3. Look at your accomplishments and not your  to-do lists.

Going through your to-do list is something you’d do at the start of the day. When everything around you is moving in slow motion, checking your tasks can be boring. Instead, take inspiration from your past achievements and accomplishments.

4. Follow a new blog

There are thousands of blogs out there, (like mine here :P) which give you an insight on various things in life. Just start reading any random blog which interests you, and whenever you want some creative inspiration or you just want to kill time at work, read it. You never know how it might help you to overcome a hurdle or simply motivate you to work faster.

5. Plan a hypothetical Vacation

Ah well, there is no harm in trying, right? Well this activity is only recommended if you actually have no work left, maybe by the end of the day. Then, you can simply plan a mock trip to your dream destination. After all, it might motivate you to take a real one too! Or maybe you might come across some new fact about that place while researching!

6. Master a new skill or hobby

This is extremely essential. If you have access to free Internet, well and good. If not, carry videos and PDFs of tutorials and guides of any hobby that you have always wanted to pursue, and simply watch and read them, in free time, while in office. It might also be related to work, like TED talks, or motivational books. But master a new skill or hobby instead of wasting time on a slow work day.

7. Write for fun!

This is just a fun activity for people who like to showcase their creative monsters. Write for fun. It could be anything ranging from jokes, snippets, Secret confessions, or whatever you enjoy. You can also maintain a blog of yours which you can update in your free time in office. Who knows, tomorrow you could also be killing time in office by writing a blog on “How to kill time productively  in Office?” (Just like me :P) Hahaha.. 😀

8. Get Organized

Well, this is the most basic activity you can carry out, when stuck between a slow work day at office. Organize your desk, files, laptop documents, mobile phones, etc. What you surround yourself with, on an office desk, influences the kind of work you do. No kidding. A de-cluttered office desk results in a clearer state of mind, wherein Ideas can grow rapidly. Put on your headphones (If that is allowed) and start organizing.

9. Volunteer

Volunteer to help others on a slow day at work. It could really be anyone and any kind of help and volunteering could be done. You could help your Boss in some task or maybe a colleague or a friend too. In this way, you will get exposure in fields other than yours, and you might also learn a thing or two while doing so.

10. Optimize your Work Flow

Think of ways you can incorporate in planning better marketing strategies for the company or ways in which you can optimize the quality of your work to highest degree. A slow day at work is perfect for you to think on these lines.

So don’t sit idle, avoid scoldings of your Boss by not dozing off, but actually doing something productive on a slow day at work. But make sure you don’t hide what you are doing. Check out the rules of your office, and only then jump to various activities.

Have fun being productive the next time your day at office is running at a snail’s pace!

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