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How to Select the Perfect Summer Internship?

Summer Internship Hunting was very difficult a few years back, but it’s not the case anymore. Today, you have the liberty to choose and select a summer internship which is perfect for your career. But how do you select an internship which garners the maximum experience for you, and also leaves you satisfied?

Well, here are some points you can keep in mind, while selecting your Summer Internship:

1. Research is the Key:

You have to absolutely immerse yourself into research at least for a week. With internship portals like Intern Theory, it is very easy to find tonnes of internships waiting for you. Search for internships based on your preferences, and you will get about say 9-10 results. You can not apply to all of them. So once you are done researching, and finding internship options, you will have to select the appropriate ones. Search well before the month you want to do the internship in, to avoid rushing.

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2. What do you want v/s What do you don’t want.

Decide what you want from your summer internship. Do you want experience, do you want pocket money? Do you want both? What do you don’t want? Do you want an internship with only a certain firm? Do you want an internship in only one particular field? Distinguish, stir clear of what you want and once it is clear, hop on to the next question.

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3. Paid? or Unpaid?

The biggest question of them all. Apna sapna is always money money, at least most of the students want money, because they have so many expenses they’d like to cover! Now you will say, paid internships is a dream only some people can reach to. Well, but the scenario has changed. Although, there are people who actually don’t mind if it’s unpaid too, because they will get paid in ter,s of experience, and trust me, that’s more valuable than gold. So what do you want? A paid internship, or an unpaid internship?

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4. What is the structure of the Internship?

Are the internships that you have found, part-time, or full time? What would you prefer? What is the structure of that internship? is it for 3 months, 6 months or more? How many months can you commit for? Do they absorb interns for jobs later? How does the work culture and intern perks look like? Does it matter to you? You don’t want to commit to something you can’t fulfill, hence answer all this questions before going on to the next set.

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5. Big or Small Company? Which one do you want to work with?

Are the internships you have shortlisted in Big companies or small? Which  type of company would you prefer? A start-up, where you will have more work, less stipend, but more practical experience? Or a big corporate banner where you might have less work, no stipend (rare cases, more stipend) and a chance to build more contacts and get unmatched exposure? What kind of exposure are you seeking?

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6. Is it good for your career? or Is it something you want to experiment with?

Many of us, while doing a summer internship, take it up, without thinking of the long run. This step is for both who know what to do in their career, and also those who don’t know. If you know the field you want to make your career into, only stick to that, especially if you are in the second or final year. These internships are very crucial for your career. If you are someone who is unsure about his/her career, ask yourself whether you would like to experiment in different unique fields, or stick to the conventional internships?

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7. Final Decision:

All said and done, you have to now sit and eliminate certain internships which fit into the “NO” category of all the questions given above. It is as simple as that. Balance your decision. Don’t overthink like “Am I doing the right thing by letting this internship go? Am I missing something?” but also don’t take opportunities for granted saying “No man, the stipend is a bit less than I expected, or all these internships are a big No No, let me search for another set of internships!”

No. Your final decision has to be wise, calculated and beneficial. Research and put efforts into this, as you would put, for a proper job. I can give your 10,000 blogs on the importance of Summer Internships, but you will only know it’s value, once you’ve done it, and gained from it in Future. 🙂

Also, Intern Theory has organized “Summer Internship Month 2017” and you have to check the internships out there.

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