Internship at Radio City 91.1FM, Essel Vision, Style Cracker and Star TV |

Internship at Radio City 91.1FM, Essel Vision, Style Cracker and Star TV

We at Intern Theory are constantly trying to bring you’ll new and exciting internships. Here, we showcase a handful from our goodie bag.

“Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you miss them.”
-William Arthur Ward

Make sure you don’t miss your sunrise.

Internship at Radio City

Interning at a Radio Broadcasting centre is probably the coolest internship possible. The name is kind of a description in itself but I’ll give it to you nonetheless.
Intern in the programming team of Radio City Mumbai and gain experience and exposure in the field. You’ll be undertaking many tasks such as being an outdoor broadcasting jock, working closely with the RJ, celebrity interviews and working on show content and research. Moreover, you get a bit of field experience and will have to travel around Mumbai. Don’t worry, all your travel expenses related to Radio City shall be reimbursed.
This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to venture into the media scene and gain experience in the same as well.

For more details about this internship, click here.

Internship at Essel Vision

Ever looked at TV shows and wondered how is it all done? How is an entire show planned, executed and filmed? Here is your opportunity to get your questions answered.
Essel Vision gives you an opportunity to be a part of the making. The making of a TV show from scratch. This means you get to do everything from researching for probable participants and talent for the show, have a close look at the inner workings of a Reality Show which is being put up on TV and if you perform well, then you have the chance to travel to different locations for the auditioning rounds!
So this is a brilliant opportunity for anyone in the media circuit looking to gain experience, exposure and knowledge. Miss it and you know you’re going to regret later.

For more details on this internship, click here.

Internship at Style Cracker

Now I bring to you an internship which is a treat for all the marketing and event management enthusiasts. So Style Cracker is having an upcoming event called Stylecracker Borough and is looking for creative thinkers who have great communication and management skills. If you get selected, you will have the onus of handling the entire offline marketing campaign as well as generate new ideas with the Partners.
A brilliant opportunity which promises a career boosting experience.

For more details on this internship, click here.

Internship at Star TV

The first line of their job description reads “Fun+Profit”. This should already be enough to have your attention but I’ll give you more. This is a chance to formulate sales strategies for a Television giant. You will have to suggest innovative revenue opportunities on genre-based brand solution pitches. Also, identify relevant movies in which in-film placements will prove beneficial and also suggest co-branding alliances based on research. You also get a chance to work on trade marketing initiatives for the channel with specific solutions. Also, if you know Adobe Photoshop and MS Excel then that just makes you all the more desirable. All this and more with a probable stipend offer up to INR 20000. It’s highly unlikely that you will find a better opportunity in this category. So my advice, take this one.

For more details on this internship, click here.

These are some of the best internships out there in terms of exposure and experience. Grab them before someone else does and be ahead of the race.


5 thoughts on “Internship at Radio City 91.1FM, Essel Vision, Style Cracker and Star TV

  1. KARTIK Shetty says:

    Hi, I’m interested in interning in Essel Vision as I want to explore new opportunities.Basically I m more interested in learning and showcase my talent.

  2. KARTIK Shetty says:

    I hope my opportunity will be considered at a priority.Thank you☺

  3. Poonam Kamble says:

    Hi I already apply for Essel Vision on interntheory but did not get reply 1 week over. Plz reply fast.

    • RingMaster says:

      Hello Poonam,
      If the company fails to give a valid review, your opportunity is reinstated and you can apply elsewhere 🙂

      All the best.
      Team InternTheory

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