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internship at reliance

Internship at Reliance Fashion Brands

Featured Company: Reliance Fashion Brands
Internship Profile: Sales and Marketing
Where: Top brands in malls around Mumbai

What is this sales and marketing I keep hearing?
Sales and Marketing is a fascinating area where one not only has to have good communication and convincing prowess but also the quick realization of a customer’s wants and re-strategize the approach accordingly.

internship at reliance

Okay fine. Sales and Marketing sounds interesting, but bro, why would I work in a mall?
If Sales and Marketing is really your area of interest then where better to experience it than at top brands in Mumbai. Seriously, you can get about a lifetime’s worth experience working at any mall in Mumbai on a Sunday. Moreover, if there is sale on, it doesn’t take long for palladium to look like a Virar fast which has already crossed Dadar. The bottom-line being, no better place to become a sales manager than a mall.

internship at reliance

You have my interest, but all this is just talk. How do I actually get an internship?
Intern Theory is here to provide you exactly that (How lucky are you?), and an Internship at Reliance Fashion Brands no less!

Hmm, why an Internship at Reliance Fashion Brands though?
Reliance Fashion Brands’ stores are present in almost every major mall in Mumbai such as Palladium, R-City, Infinity, Viviana and so on. They boast of big brands under them, the likes of Diesel, Paul & Shark, Quicksilver, Steve Madden, Hamleys, Roxy DC shoes, Kenneth Cole, Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers, Dune, GAS jeans and Super Dry. It doesn’t get bigger than this really(Seriously, try the lottery today, your luck is dazzling).

Woah! Awesomeee! Okay now let’s get to the meat of the matter! What will I be doing as a marketing and sales intern?
As an Intern you will be responsible for consulting and advising customers at one of these brands. For this internship at reliance fashion brands, you will basically have to put all your communication skills to use, assist promising customers and eventually take them all the way to the cash counter. Occasionally, you might have to entertain the gang of college students who will dawdle in, lounge about and then leave without a sign of remorse on their face (What? You cannot be lucky always ok?).

That doesn’t sound too bad. I think I might actually like this. Anything else I should know?
You will be working on weekends also and will have a weekday off.

That is fine, I didn’t mean my timings(I think I need to break it down for this guy), TELL ME ABOUT THE MONEY!

internship at reliance
This particular internship profile offers you a stipend of Rs.10,000 per month. I see your eyes shining sir, but you’ll incur expenses as well, mainly travelling, So based on average travel expenses taken from 100 interns at random, we’ve prepared a pie chart for your convenience.

internship at reliance

As we can see, even after taking expenses into account, about 60% of your stipend is still in your pocket. And that amounts to Rs.6,000 per month. That’s a hell of a profit if you ask me!

All of this sounds really fantastic and very alluring to be honest, but is this really for me?
If you are a sales enthusiast, a good orator or just good at convincing people then there is no better opportunity to get your sales career off to a flying start, that too in your student life.(What is your email-id,

Go grab it by the horns before someone else does and make this golden opportunity yours now!

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