Katha Mehta and Her Experience at BookMyShow |

Katha Mehta and Her Experience at BookMyShow


Katha Mehta shares her experience as a Content Writing Intern at BookMyShow with us. Read on, find your inspiration and kickstart your search for an internship this summer!

Katha Mehta, Intern at BookMyShow

Interviewer: Hello Katha!
Katha: Hi!

I: I understand you interned at BookMyShow, yes?
K: That’s right. I interned as a content writer for BookMyShow for about a month.

I: Awesome. So what did you have to do there?
K: There are basically two jobs that you may have as a content writer at BookMyShow. First being, writing bios (biographies) for movies such as the plot, cast and so on. Second, Event-ifiers and user reviews. I was more interested in the first and they wanted good writers for the bio part, hence I took it up.Got paid the standard Rs. 5k/month that they pay every intern.

I: Oh that’s great! What exactly was your qualification in terms of education when you interned?
K: I was a 12th graduate then and currently pursuing BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies).

I: So not much experience so as to speak. In what manner then, did they select you?
K: The selection was on the basis of my sample articles, which were sent across via the Intern Theory Platform.

I: What exactly were they looking for in you?
K: They were primarily looking for good English. Good vocabulary, ability to rectify errors when seen and tech savvy. The first two are pretty obvious and tech savvy because they wanted someone who could research. You have to find background and news on celebrities when writing bios. Famous celebrities like ShahRukh Khan and Salman Khan are easy to get information on, the tricky part starts when information on movies from the south is required. You have to really dig deep to find anything substantial on them.

I: Sounds like intense work! My next question is on a more personal level. Why content writing in particular?
K: Frankly, I never had content writing in mind when I first started out. It was my pre-12th boards vacation and I wanted to work somewhere and gain corporate experience. So I signed up with Intern Theory and applied for many profiles ranging from marketing, PR and of course content writing. Based on my profile and available options, BookMyShow came up. It was a big name and would look really good on my CV. Moreover, it was a proper corporate firm so I was sure I would get abundance of experience as well.

I: True that! So was the stipend an important check box when you were looking for an internship?
K: Not at all! Stipend was secondary. I wanted corporate exposure and learn how stuff worked outside of college life. Getting to actually work was a big thing.

I: That’s a really good thing that you value experience more than money. Many freshers make the mistake of choosing an internship based on the monetary value! So how demanding was the job?
K: It was a full time internship and it was as demanding as any full time job would be. I interned for a month, 8 hours a day, but again they had their own policies: You have to complete 40 hours in a week, so if you want to leave an hour early on one day, you compensate the next day and so on.

I: Oh okay, not bad. So how was the work culture?
K: Great! One part that I totally loved about their work culture was this orientation they had. It was for everyone, permanent job freshers as well as new interns like myself. They introduced us to the company, its founders, how it functioned and so on. Their effort to make us feel connected to the organization was amazing. Another great part of their work culture was that they keep you in loop with every department so you know the kind of work that goes on in the company as a whole.

I: That is amazing! Well done BookMyShow. All said and done, was it worth it?
K: Yes it was, in terms of experience. I didn’t think I would learn much as a content writer anyway. You just write and your head proof reads. Experience though was great. Oh yeah! Forgot to mention, they used to send us for movies and then we had to come back and review the same. So yeah, amazing experience and satisfied with the internship because I got what I was looking for.

I: Woah Woah! They sent you for movies and you forgot to mention that?! Sweet, sweet job I must say! So tell me, what is your most memorable moment?
K: Umm, most memorable moment of mine isn’t actually during the internship but after it. At the end of my internship period, my content head wanted me to stay and continue. Even after I left, I got many calls from the HR team asking me to rejoin. In fact, just a few days ago, got a mail from them asking if I wanted to come by since my vacations will start soon. It just felt good to be remembered and my work acknowledged based purely on merit.

I: It sure is! So now since you are the experienced one I must ask you to share the same with us, for the benefit of all our readers.
K: Of course, though I feel pretty new at this myself, there is one thing that I have learnt. Writing big words on your CV is useless. The people who are going to interview you have been in the corporate world for a long time and when they meet you, they see you for who you are. My only, advice is, be yourself. If you have any weaknesses, tell them. When they asked me why I wanted to join BookMyShow, I told them that it was for the experience and because BookMyShow would look good on my CV. Be frank and honest and your chances of being selected will increase greatly. Give a good interview and the rest will be sorted.

I: So on a final note, how was your experience with Intern Theory?
K: Oh simply great! They were extremely co-operative and thorough. An inexperienced 12th graduate getting an internship at BookMyShow was something I had never thought was possible! I thank Intern Theory and its entire team for this experience!

We thank you too for your kind words and wish you the very best for the future 🙂

So Readers, where is your next internship?

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