Pooja Sannake’s Outdoor Internship at Colosceum Media Pvt.Ltd. in Goa! |
Internship at Colosceum

Pooja Sannake’s Outdoor Internship at Colosceum Media Pvt.Ltd. in Goa!

“Obviously working on a TV show would involve hectic schedule and 15 to 16 hours of working but that’s how it works. I had to wake up at 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. in the morning and be on set till midnight for this Internship at Colosceum. *sigh* For shooting we went on many locations like different beaches and a forest in Goa. My Colosceum team had great management skills. Therefore, it would all go smoothly despite of challenging climatic conditions……….”

One Facebook Post. One Interview. One Outdoor Internship.

One Place- Goa. One Aim- Experience.

Check out Pooja Sannake’s adventurous and one-of-a-kind Outdoor Internship Experience at Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd– the makers of popular TV shows like MTV Roadies, MTV Splitsvilla, and MasterChef India: 

I: Why were you looking for an internship?

P: While I was pursuing my graduation in bachelor of management studies, I realized that I always liked the media industry. So, after giving my exams, I thought of doing an internship to know how this industry works. I wanted to learn about TV Production and filmmaking, and I knew that only an internship would help me gain that knowledge. Not to forget that it would adorn my resume well too.

I: How did you bag the internship at Colosceum Media Pvt.Ltd.?

P: I got to know about this internship through Intern Theory‘s Facebook page. I signed in and applied. Few days later I was called for the interview which had two rounds. Among 10-15 candidates, I got selected by Colosceum.

I: Superb. When did you start working with them? Was it a full time or part time internship?

P: On 6th & 7th June I was called for my interview, on the 8th morning I got selected and my internship started that day itself. On 9th June, we left for Goa for the outdoor shoot of a reality show for a month.

(*Damn* Did she just say Outdoor Internship in GOA? For a month?)

I: That was pretty fast! 6,7,8,9 and BAMM! Goa directly. So tell us, was this your first internship?

P: No. I have done social media internships in the past. I’ve also worked on various events as a promoter for well known companies.

I: Oh, hmm..So what exactly did you do in this internship?

P: I was basically a Production Intern under Colosceum’s Production Team. I had to assist my production team on our outdoor shoot in Goa for a reality show. This involved administration work and helping in managing the floor. I also helped in the management of crew movement, accommodation, food department etc. I had to co-ordinate between all the departments of crew on set- small things like taking the injured contestants to the hospital and lot more.

Internship at Colosceum

I: That sounds action packed! By the way, which reality show were you working for?

P: The reality show for which I worked was called ‘Champion’ which airs now on Colors Super (sister channel of Colors kannada). Champion is a reality show in which 15 female contestants are competing against each other against all sort of challenges to be the ultimate winner. Champion airs everyday on Colors super at 8 pm, do watch this new kannada reality show!

*Promotion Promotion kardi rehti hain Kudi…* 😛

I: The show sounds amazing. How was the work culture there? We all know a few things about indoor work cultures, but interning in Goa, on outdoor sets, how was it exactly?

P: I had an amazing experience while working with my team & crew in Goa. My production team was very helpful. Obviously working on a TV show would involve hectic schedule and 15 to 16 hours of working but that’s how it works. I had to wake up at 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. in the morning and be on set till midnight. *sigh* For shooting we went on many locations like different beaches and a forest. My Colosceum team had great management skills. Therefore, it would all go smoothly despite of challenging climatic conditions.

(while we sat in enclosed offices, this girl was interning on beaches and in forests. Anything else Sir?) 😀

I: Man! Just got an adrenaline rush, by only listening to this. How do you think this experience differed from an indoor internship experience?

P: I think doing an outdoor internship is better than working in the office because it helps us to explore various factors. (better toh lagega hi na, ghumne bhi toh mila :P)

Firstly, one not only learns work management but also self-management. It helped me open up to different kind of people. In a crew of 180 people, (most of them being men) I was a stranger initially. Also, staying without your family, taking care of yourself, all these things seem ordinary, but they really help you come out stronger and independent. *smiles confidently*

The only con is you don’t get to see your family every day. But then, an amazing crew who takes care of you? What more could one ask for? 😀

I: So true. But why Production of all fields? What attracts you to this field?

P: TV/ Film production is a great field to work in. Working in production department enhances your management skills as it prepares you for the best as well as the worst. As I am a management student, I wanted an internship in production.

I: Why Colosceum?

P: Colosceum because they have made famous reality shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla etc. As an intern, only that information was enough. 😛  Working for such a good production house as a production intern was a dream opportunity for me.

Internship at Colosceum

I: Well, legit. So, 180 crew members you say. How did that feel? Whom were you close to?

P: I was close to my co-intern. Inspite of meeting her for the first time, the bond we shared on our internship made people think that we had been friends for a long time. *grins cutely* Also there were many people who made my journey special and told me they’d miss me on Jaipur schedule. That felt so good. There are few of my colleagues who I know will always be there to guide me regarding my career. 😀

Internship at Colosceum

I: That sounds so warming. What about your employer? How beneficial has it been to work with your employer?

P: It was a pleasure working with my Head of Production (HOP) Mr. Praveen Das. He has worked on famous reality shows and knows this industry inside out. He was the one who interviewed me and had faith in me. Working under him gave me a lot of knowledge. Also, he was there with me throughout my internship and I consider him as my mentor.

I: Guess the Employer-Employee equations have changed over the years. So, do you think this internship experience will influence your career in some way? How beneficial was it?

P: Obviously it will. I learnt new information not just regarding production but also film-making. Information about cameras, lighting, all technical aspects and different departments- I saw it all. I’d never been to a film set before neither did I know how all this worked. But then Colosceum happened, and now I can proudly say that I know many things about my field which others might now know yet.

( I second that) 😀

I: Which is your fondest memory from this internship experience? What did you enjoy the most, apart from work and GOA?

P: *laughs slightly* Oh how do I tell you this? It has to be the jokes cracked by my team members. Well what else can one expect in a crew of 180 people, majority being men? A laughter riot was guaranteed. You know how it is right? Men and their jokes! 😛 But I can’t tell you how much I have laughed in this one month internship. It was fun to be amidst such fun-loving and jolly people!

I: I know exactly what you mean when you say that. *smiles sheepishly*  So, the one thing I am dying to ask you, did you, by chance, meet any celebrities?

P: I got to interact with my show’s host Rehman Hassan, a known name in Kannada industry. I was the one who went to receive him at Goa airport. For those who don’t know, Rehman Hassan is a former Big Boss contestant and a news anchor. It was great to talk to him.

(Check out what Times Of India has to say about Rehman Hassan)

I: Guess, someone got starstruck! All said and done, what would you like to tell the other aspiring interns?

P: I would advice all college students to do internships because whatever theoretical knowledge you get in your classroom regarding your favourite subject will only give you superficial information.

Internship at Colosceum

I: You Go Girl! 🙂 Lastly, how did Intern Theory help you?

P: If I wouldn’t have followed Intern Theory’s Facebook Page, I would have never got in contact with Colosceum and things would have been different then. Intern theory also helped me in my interview process. I would say that this internship gave a better start to my career in this industry and I would thank both Intern Theory and Colosceum for the same.

Such outstanding experiences are inspiring. You’d say- “No man, she just got lucky. Who gets such internships anyway?”

Nope. You’ve got to step into the real world and see for yourself! Keep checking for outstanding internships and who knows? You could be the next person sharing your internship experience with me!


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