Rohit Ahuja’s Fun-tastic Internship at Videocon d2h |

Rohit Ahuja’s Fun-tastic Internship at Videocon d2h

Look him in the eye, and you’ll see the kind of confidence a person with two successful internships has. Presenting to you, Rohit Ahuja’s outstanding marketing internship experience at none other than Videocon d2h!

Hop on, on a ride full of laughs, branding, marketing and not to forget, Free Food (Lot’s of it) 😛

1.So Rohit, first things first – why were you looking for an internship?

 In addition to pursuing graduation in the commerce field, I was also pursuing a full-time Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations at a reputed media institute. It was then that I realised my passion, love and calling for marketing. As an aspiring marketeer, I was eager to know, what a day in the life of a marketing professional is like. I just couldn’t wait and there was no better way of learning it this early, than an internship.

2. So true! So, when did your journey with Videocon d2h begin? Have you done an internship before or this was your first one?

My journey at Videocon d2h Limited began in the past summer holidays, in April. I worked full time for two months and lived the 9 to 5 life, haha! It is not so boring as people stage it, you know.  Prior, I had worked as a Brand Strategy intern at a digital agency. Let’s put it this way, it was then that I learnt that a brand is much more than a logo or a tag line. It’s a feeling! ( Ahem..The lad learnt well I guess. Look at him go all tag line-y 😛 )

3.Two outstanding internships eh? Looks like you are here to stay. 😀 So tell us, what exactly did you do in this internship?

So, my designation at Videocon d2h was Marketing Intern.

  • My role included devising and executing marketing strategies to convert their existing subscriber base to upgrade their set-top box hardware. And also, to ensure higher adoption of other value added services, like entertainment, kids, education, movies and other add-ons. I was also responsible to craft a compelling marketing communications strategy to reach the target market (that is my favorite part!!)
  • In doing so, I had the opportunity to liaise with the reputed ad agency Lowe Lintas. (The ad-agency which created some wonderful ad campaigns like Surf Excel’s Daag Acche Hain, Tata Tea’s Jaago Re, to name a few!) I dealt directly with the brand managers of the agency and briefed them about what we wanted to convey through the ads. I also worked on content marketing for Videocon d2h’s social media channels.

Marketing Internship


4. Pheww…That was, let’s just say, yes, a lot of work. Hahahah..Anyway, coming to the point, how was the work culture of Videocon d2h?

The people were friendly and welcoming. You experience a lovely vibe when you enter their tall glass building to start your day, fresh! The office enjoys an open culture, i.e., there are no doors to any departments. This signifies that everyone is welcome everywhere and there is a healthy exchange of ideas. It is a busy place, yet, there were good spaces for recreation like the sports zone! Oh, and guess what! We also got delicious and healthy free lunch every day, contrary to the idiom ‘there is no free lunch’, haha!


Marketing Internship

Yummy free lunch at Videocon d2h


marketing Internship at Videocon d2h

Sports Area @Videocon d2h

  (Did the man with two successful internships just say FREE LUNCH EVERYDAY? A Lunch like that? Haahahha..I think I am shifting ASAP. :P)

 5. Open culture, wow, I like that term. Well, why did you choose this internship? Why Marketing?

  • Let’s think of marketing in an unusual way. I think, marketing is something you do since day one of your life. That tender little baby you were, is a marketing genius, because he knows how to sell himself! He cries, laughs and flashes million dollar smiles to capture your attention and urges you to act. As we grow, this innate marketing child wants to gain acceptance and be loved by all, so he tries to please others. There! He’s sold himself again! And selling brand YOU is an art.
  • To work in a field, that you have been accustomed to since your birth, must be surely interesting! *grins widely* To me, marketing seems more of a lifestyle than work. I love the freedom it gives you and also the understanding of people. My eyes shine with passion, when I talk about marketing and ads and that is enough to say that I really LOVE it. Hence, I chose to be an active part of this fraternity and took up the internship. So, the next time you see a baby smiling, remember what I said. 😉 *smirks*

( Hmmm….I just saw a baby smiling..Oh you marketeer of a baby, I am not falling for your pouts and puppy eyes anymore.. 😛 )

6. What a definition for Marketing! Hahahah..quirky. So, did you also meet quirky and cool people in the internship? Did you make new friends?

I found some really interesting friends at office. Two in particular had such an awesome sense of humour, that it was really hard to resist a loud laughter at the busy office. Some really interesting conversations developed during the lunch time, our favourite time of the day. Yes, I had a favourite friend too. The two of us were very similar in our approaches towards our dreams and I remember how we coined the term ‘INTERN INSIDE’ like there’s Intel Inside. Branding everywhere, you see!

( Peeps, Seekho, sikhaao, Life banaao!) (Shit, I am going all tag-line-y too :P)

7.How cool is that! But getting back to essentials, how beneficial has it been to work with your employer?

I must mention my mentor, Harsh Raj, an IIM alumnus and marketing manager at Videocon d2h. He was kind enough to often sit with me and tackle my long lists of questions. (I ask a lot of questions :P) A go-getter and a high-spirited man, he always believed in us interns and never belittled us, for being young at age. I learnt a lot from Harsh (as he rather not likes to be called Sir) about the nitty-gritties of marketing. He also took me and my fellow intern for lunch, on our last day.

8. This is heart-warming. May all interns be so lucky! 😛 *Sigh* So, “Mr. Asks-a-lot-of-Questions”, let me ask you, how was the experience in all? Was it beneficial for your career?
My experience was phenomenal! There was so much that I learnt in those two power-packed months, right from marketing skills to interpersonal relations and of course, I carried home some really sweet memories and some valuable lessons.

9. Great! Tell us, what is the craziest thing that you did in the internship?
Okay, so do you want me to disclose this? No judging, no judging! 😛

  • I had developed a weird fascination with purple. Right from my presentation slide themes to my desktop wallpaper, everything had turned purple. Why? Guess… Videocon d2h’s logo is purple. And I am too loyal to my brands, haha!
videocon d2h

Videocon d2h and it’s Purple Logo

  • I can’t stop talking about the FREE FOOD at my office. Being a foodie, I took pictures of the food for the sake of memories. They had a different cuisine everyday…Chinese, Maharashtrian, Punjabi and so on! (I am also a food blogger, so I can use that an excuse to run away from the sighs!)
  • On my last day at work, me and my colleague specially arrived half an hour prior to work hours, to take a lot of pictures 😛

(The free food thing is getting on my nerves. Damn! Where do I Apply for this internship! Oh wait, sorry, I am in the middle of an interview *hides*)

10. Hahahah..So, Mr. Branding Ahuja, *oops*, Rohit Ahuja, what would you like to tell the other aspiring interns?

Dear Intern, there’s a lot you can learn by being a keen observer at work. Ask a lot of questions. Always ask the question ‘why’. Your boss/mentor might not always be free. But it is for you to constantly reach out to him/her, in order to get the best out of their knowledge. And enjoy the lunch times 😛 Most importantly, love what you do.

(Firse lunch? Bas karo ab ye attyachaar…)

11. Totally inspiring. Lastly, what do you think about portals like Intern Theory?

Gone are the days when one had to send mail after mail to companies to apply for an internship. Thanks to portals like Intern Theory, which make this process seamlessly quick and easier. Thanks for bridging the gap!

Rohit’s passion and high-spirit for marketing is infectious, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? Get your dream internship right away! How? Check out all the marketing internships only @

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