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Save Money

Save Smartly: 8 Ways to Save Money in Your 20s!

So you are, say, about to enter your 20s, or have already entered the 20-something wagon and it’s the first week of the first month of the new year. You are sitting with your smartphone, planning to buy those amazing shoes from the newest ‘end of season’ sales going on, online. You are about to tap on “Buy Now”, and suddenly that inner voice creeps in, reminding you of your “not so happening” financial status. You’re about to ignore it, but I suggest, you don’t. Don’t ignore that voice- listen to it.

Save that money. Why you ask? Well there are various reasons- some far fetched, and some, for a better present too! 20s is the age where you actually build a solid foundation for Life after the “working phase”.

As Warren Buffet puts it-

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”


This 2017, Start saving and spending smartly, by following these effective ways:

1. Make a Monthly Budget:

No, you don’t have to make complicated excel sheets and all. But whatever allowance that you get from your parents, or from an internship, just don’t spend it, as it comes. As boring as it sounds, fixing a budget and sticking to it, is actually very effective, not only for outstation students, but also for students living with their parents. Check out your expenses, distinguish the areas where you spend more, and evenly spread out your expense.

Save Money in 20s


2. Delay Purchases- Sleep Over it:

I know you are dying to buy those Vans from the Online Sale, but let’s get serious- Do you really need them? Are they worth spending for, RIGHT NOW? Are your current sneakers in too bad a state? If yes- go for it. But if they aren’t, and if this is just temptation, stop yourself. Sleep over your decision, delay purchasing it by giving practical excuses. Look out for other good deals for the same product or maybe look out for something you really need to buy.

3. Unplug for sometime:

If you are a shopaholic, you are bound to have many online shopping apps and subscriptions. Just block their notifications or momentarily uninstall them, when you feel you need to save. It works, because you see less advertisements, offers and everytthing else which might tempt you!

4. Prepaid Mobile Plans:

Well most of us have prepaid talk time plans, but for those who haven’t still opted for it, go for it. With messaging and texting coming in, communication via phone calls has lessened. So why have a fixed plan? Just pay according to your usage, and save.

5. Swap and Save:

With websites such as,, and, you can easily swap your books, as well as belongings with other people online! In this way, you can save a lot of money and also get to connect to various people.

6. Online offers Zindabaad!

There are literally new discount offers and coupons online, available everyday. All you need to do, is look for them before buying anything- no matter how big or small it is! Make use of all the coupon codes you can get access to, and search well before paying.

7. Have a list with you, while shopping:

Take inspiration from your moms, and make a shopping list every time you go shopping- no matter where and what you want to buy. In this way, you will be clear in your head, and you will spend on only what is required. Yes, half the times our shopping lists are just a piece of paper lying in our back pockets, but try again! Take complete control of your will. 😛

Save Money


8. Party at Home!

Well, last but not the least, organize parties and get togethers at home, instead of spending a bomb outside. Yes, you might have to compromise a but on ambiance, but with little group effort, you can create a similar one in your house too! Grab some take away, out on some colourful lights, and turn the volume up! Go out, once in a while, but don’t spend regularly on it. 😛

 Save money- it is going to help you, and only You!


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