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Should College Students Invest in the Stock Market?

The financial status of  a college student is absurd (Many of you just said- “It’s almost non-existent!”, yeah, I know) but let’s just consider the pocket money, or Internship Stipend that we get. What do we do with it? Simple- Spend it like a boss! Many a times we find people lecturing us on how we should save a bit from it for our future, but for all we know, simply words have never worked for us millennials. We are the generation of reasoning, practicalities and concrete research.

Very recently someone urged me to invest my money in the Stock Market instead of spending all of it, or even saving it. I, like a loyal Gen Y person, asked a lot of questions initially- ” Should youngsters invest? But why? How? etc..etc…and also thought of digging into why exactly someone would give me, a youngster, such advice. Surprisingly, my research had an unexpected result. Turns out, the Stock Market is made more for us youngsters than anyone else!

Here is what I found out about why College Students Should Invest in the Stock Market:

1. Beginning Early- More Time:

This makes more sense than any other reasons as to why college students and youngsters should invest in the Stock Market. Someone who starts investing at the age of 18 will definitely get more returns than someone who starts investing at the age of 30. We have what many middle-aged and old-aged traders/ Investors do not have- TIME. It is only wise to utilize it while we still have it, no? What better way than investing in the Stock Market and getting good returns?

Stock Market

2. Starting with Small Amounts:

Many say that only rich people get to invest and trade successfully in the Market, but I feel it holds true in few cases. The fact that we youngsters have very less amount to start with, is actually a liberty, and not a minus point. Starting with smaller amounts has it’s own pros like you don’t have much to lose initially, which means you can afford making mistakes WHICH in turn means you get to learn more out of them.

3. The Bigger Picture:

We are yet to plan our financial plan for our future. Like, we can’t even plan where to go for dinner this Sunday, and here I am talking heavy- financial plans and all. But that is actually a major reason why we should start investing. Why, you ask? Just for once, look at the bigger picture- Life. Investing and trading in the Stock Market will give us an insight on the importance of planning our finances wisely, and also the importance of money.

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4. Greater Risk Appetite:

Apart from having a huge appetite for amazing food, we people also have a greater risk appetite than the other middle-aged or old-aged peeps, and this can work wonders for us in the Stock Market. We have less to lose, less to worry about, and we’re also debt-free initially. The Stock Market welcomes everyone who have the courage to take risks, calculated and otherwise, and we definitely fit the Bill!

5. Lesser Responsibilities:

We young birdies are just beginning to fly in the sky, and on a scale of 1-10, we have 0 responsibilities. (Okay, I am exaggerating, but yeah, you got me, right?) So automatically, there is less friction and the amount which we would get in return while trading/investing would be optimum. We do not pay tax, or generally do not have a family to take care of, or any such huge responsibilities, which means that all that we earn in the Stock Market can be used effectively.

6. Tech Savvy:

It is no secret that we are all extremely tech savvy and this gives us an edge over the other people. We have no qualms about troubling Google for anything and everything and are good at using any given technology in less time. This makes it easy for us to handle and understand the trading softwares in less time and much more.

7. Well Prepared:

We are very well prepared for the Stock Market,because of the competitive world that we live in, but we aren’t aware of it. Confused? Well, we have a habit of researching, studying, analyzing, and observing almost anything and everything. We are curious, competitive souls who already know how money works, and we all look forward to living the best life possible. We might not have major Life Goals, but we know what we don’t want in the future. All of these attributes work wonders for the Stock Market, and we shall fit in that world, with some training and practice, that’s it.

All we need is some guidance, which can easily be accessed by doing Online Courses like Intern Theory’s Online Stock Market Course and I think it’s the correct way to step into the Stock Market as a youngster- to take up a nice course so that we don’t feel like Noobs while trading/ investing. What do you think?

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After my research, I was pretty convinced that the Stock Market is waiting for a youngster just like me. So I thought I might just share it with you’ll too!

Interested to know more about Investment, Stock Market and the Online Stock Market Course? Just leave a comment below and Team Intern Theory will assist you. 🙂


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