The Craziest Internships In The World! (No.8 is Totally Absurd and No.9 will make you go OMG!) |

The Craziest Internships In The World! (No.8 is Totally Absurd and No.9 will make you go OMG!)

The World is full of crazy, absurd and weird things. There are crazy names..Crazy memes..Crazy games..and then, there crazy INTERNSHIPS!

From Interning with the POPE, to analyzing terrorist activities..

Here are the Top 11 Crazy Internships in the World: (Most of them are fun) 😛

1. Internship at Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Crazy Internships


From watching the Ripley’s Show to internship at their museum, this internship is actually pretty crazy. What’s so crazy about it? Well, some prerequisites for the internship include “being weird” and liking to have fun. Like how cool is that! Imagine being surrounded by skull heads, Elvis Presley’s  hair, and various other crazy artifacts, while interning! 😛

2. Counter-terrorism Internship at Walt Disney

Internship at Walt Disney


Most of us would freak out if we read an internship opening like “Global Intelligence Analyst Intern” under Walt Disney- “World’s Happiest Place”. Hahahaha..While most of us spend summer making data entries and marketing calls, summer interns at Walt Disney strive to keep that place safe! Isn’t it crazy?

3. A Pope-ular Internship at The Vatican

Vatican Internship Experience with the help of Villanova University, Pennsylvania, helps Students to intern with the Pope. Yeah..Villanovian’s be like..”We work for Pope, yo!” Kidding..

This internship is crazy because of the magnitude itself. Working for Vatican’s website, or it’s PR is a BIG deal and one-of-a-kind experience.

Internships at the Vatican

Interns With The Pope at The Vatican.


4. A Harry Potter Internship at MuggleNet

Crazy Internships at Muggle Net


Need I say anything more? A Harry Potter Internship at World’s Largest Fan Club Website, MuggleNet. Although unpaid, this internship gives you 7 reasons to be a part of it, which includes reasons like “Guaranteed Protection from the Dark Lord” and “you can work in your PJs”. crazy is that?

5. Toy Designer Internship at LEGO

Internships at LEGO


This internship is so cool, that all you designers out there will wish to do it! Prerequisites include things like “You have not, and will never forget the child inside you” apart from knowledge about 3D programs and team work. 😛 Who doesn’t want to do it! The internship is playful, fun and refreshing!

6. Junk Hauling Internship For Hunks

Crazy Internships


Ah! This crazy internship allows College Hunks and Studs a chance to utilize their strength. 😛

7.Flower Arranging and Tea Packing Internship at People’s Association

Crazy Internships


This one is for Senior Citizens looking to do internships. Can you believe it? Senior interns do some super-cool stuff like arrange flowers and pack tea! Based in Singapore, this internship allows senior citizens to utilize their time and pursue aspirations. 🙂 Cute, cool, crazy!

8. Internship at Funeral Houses (Absurd, I know! )

Crazy Internships


Yeah..From cleaning up bodies to prepping them up for funerals, Internship at Funeral Houses are Creepy and crazy, but nevertheless, they exist. Someone’s gotta help, right?

9. Comic Book Internship at Marvel Entertainment

internships at Marvel


Fan boys and Fan girls are going to burn after reading this. A comic book internship at MARVEL, NYC. WOW.  I think it is the coolest internship in the world! “Have you ever wondered what an actual page of comic book art looks like before it’s shrunken down, covered with word balloons and colored?” This is what is asked in the prerequisites, along with qualifications including proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word. #InternshipGoals right here! 😛


10. Internship at Ellen DeGeneres’ Show!

Internships at The Ellen's Show

Interns at The Ellen’s Show

Hahaha, crazy internship at a crazy show! Prerequisites include no job description, and a personal story of 1,500 words. Yep. you heard that right. An internship with no job description. Hahahah.. Crazy! 😛


11. Internship at the Prison- Prison Fellowship Programme (Don’t worry, you won’t be jailed for it :P)

Internships at a Prison

Confessions of an Intern who did a Summer Internship at a Prison


This internship only sounds crazy. In reality, it promises amazing experience in hospitality, research and development and IT. Okay, it is a bit crazy being surrounded by criminals and all that, but all those who have done it, have amazing things to say. 🙂

With that, the crazy ride comes to an end!

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