This 2017, Stop Doing These 9 Things, To Lead A Productive Life! |

This 2017, Stop Doing These 9 Things, To Lead A Productive Life!

Before You think this blog is a random ranting from a random stranger trying to intervene in your Life, and giving You seemingly superior advice on how to live Life, just wait. Wait, wait for once in Life, and give this blog a chance to remind you of all the things you have been conditioned to forget. While some of us were ahead in the 2016 race, some of us barely reached the finish line, huffing and puffing, trying to catch our breaths, while running after goals, deadlines, targets, or maybe just, Life.

If you really want to stop running and sail through 2017 as a winner, you need to STOP- stop running after seemingly wishful nothings, unrealistic goals, nonsensical imposters and exhausting schedules.

This 2017, STOP doing only these 9 Things, and see the change for yourself:

1. Taking “Little Things” for granted.

Meaningless laughter, toothy smiles, wasted afternoons, fretting over ice-cream flavors, star-gazing, affectionate hugs, stupid fights, fragrant coffees, Tapri ki Chaai- Stop taking these things for granted. No excuses- just stop. Enjoy Life while You still can. “Philosophical”, you say? I say- “Reality.”



2. Saying “Later”.

“I am busy. Talk to You later” is the most overrated, overused message template.

“I am going to sleep for only 30 minutes, and do this later” is our regular mantra.

Why later? How can you trust time so much? The same “Time” which feeds on your breath? And even if you trust Time so much, how can you procrastinate? Procrastination is the thief of Time. So STOP PROCRASTINATING. If you only stop doing this, out of the other 9 things, you will still see a drastic change.



3.Wasting money.

No. It’s not about spending money lavishly or putting it in things which people think is not “worth” it. Don’t stop doing all that. But stop wasting money in situations where you could have saved it. Use public transport when you can, walk to places which you can walk to, check out brands only for quality, and not for the big name attached to it,and many other such things. Life is nothing without money. While there are things which money can’t buy, there are also things which only money can buy. “Materialistic” you say? Nah, Reality.



4. Ignoring “Being Human”.

No it’s nothing related to Bhai’s brand. Stop ignoring the fact that you are wired as a human. A human with emotions, expectations and ego. Stop pitying yourself for being hurt. Stop getting angry at yourself for expecting. As Adele croons- “Mistakes and regrets, they’re memories made.” 🙂



5. Ignoring Mental Health.

2016 was a year which saw various people emerging from various fields and talking about mental health normally. For example, Deepika Padukone. All of them just focused on one point- mental health. Stop ignoring your mental health. Along with your resolutions to go to gym regularly and and losing weight, staying healthy, being vegan, everything, take a step to take care of your inner self. Disturbed emotionally? Talk to someone who cares. Retrospect on life, see what’s disturbing your mental state, and rectify it, while you still can.



6. Zooming out on Life.

Stop zooming out and worrying about 10,000 other people around. Listen to everyone, give them a shoulder to cry on, support them, but make sure you don’t immerse yourself into just their lives, leaving yourself alone. Zoom in, look at yourself, take care of your needs, and make sure that the people you are supporting, support you back. “Unconditional” works for feelings, not for your entire being. Worried about losing people? Why aren’t you worried about losing yourself?

7. Only Living in Your own bubble.

Stop restricting your knowledge only to your surrounding, family and friends. Step out of your bubble, and see the world with a new perspective. Know about new cultures. Make it a point to learn a new language or research about something other than your field of work. The world is just too big and interesting for you to sit back and not explore it!

8. Feeling low for not going on a Vacation.

This happens to me very often. I see people going on vacations to exotic places and I keep cursing my Life for not being that happening. But 2016 made me realize that it’s okay to not go on a vacation. You are allowed to feel bad for a few minutes (For a few days too, in my case :P) but then, you need to look for things which might make you happy in a similar way.

9. Choosing “Just Once” while opening media files, just out of habit!

Stop choosing the “Just Once” option while opening media files. Hahahahahha.. stop doing things out of habit, is what I meant! 😛



Stop yourself from being conditioned. Break the pattern. 😛

Stop doing these things and see for yourself!

Happy New Year guys!


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