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Top 5 Marketing Trends to Look Out for, in 2017!

The world of Marketing changes with a blink of an eye, and it is no secret that the marketing trends change rapidly. Even before you’re done saying m-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g properly, someone somewhere out there comes up with a quirky marketing idea, and BOOM! The next minute it’s trending. In such a scenario, it’s better to stay updated of what can, will, and might work for the marketing field, in the upcoming year!

So no matter who You are- an aspiring marketing intern, an aspiring entrepreneur or even an established one…..

Here are the Top 5 Marketing Trends You should look out for, in 2017:

1. Race with the machines, not against them!

Live platforms like Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live, who have already started spreading their roots into marketing, are expected to rule the marketing arena, in the upcoming year.

Augmented Reality Apps, like Pokemon Go, have already clicked well with the audience. There were 650 million installs of Pokemon Go, within just 80 days of its launch. These mind-blowing statistics have inspired a lot of marketers to strike the bull’s eye with similar apps.

Content is still the king, but videos are in! Immersive Videos like Shoppable videos or the 360 degree videos, and engaging audience on a whole new level. 2017 might see such similar marketing ways, to reach out to the audience. Although, blogs, e-pages and brochures will still continue to hold immense importance.

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2. Customer-centric Marketing.

Well, you’d say, what’s new? Marketing has always been about the customer. Agreed. But experts predict that the marketing trends in 2017 will be based on customer-centric philosophies, and will try to reach out to the customer, in real sense. ” Soft and Direct” approach, as some call it. The world is running so fast, and the only way to compete is to sustain, nurture and encourage the relation you are making with your customer. Increased focus will be on customer experience and comfort.

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3. Viewablity is secondary.

What the Online Marketing world has been running on, itself has changed! Online marketing, the results of which have been measured by the amount of views, likes and clicks on webpages and social media will now be measured by the amount of sign-ups, downloads and purchases. Viewability is likely to be treated as secondary now.

4. Make way for the Unicorns!

Aah well, yes, Unicorns. Over the past years, other than marketing professionals, there have been other people involved in marketing too- the Marketing Technologists and Data-Scientists! Looks like 2017 is going to be their year! Not many are aware of this field. These people create a bridge between IT sector and Marketing, which is like THE most important aspect of marketing right now. They’re fondly called as Unicorns. 😛

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5. The advent of IoT.

The “Internet of Things” concept has been in it’s nascent stage for quite a few while now. Experts predict a rise in the use of various connected devices- a marketer’s dream, no? Sensors, edge devices, chatbots, TVs, clothes, fitness brands etc all connected securely and providing important data, how cool does that sound? 😛 Although collecting data for so many devices will be a task, experts say it will still be worth it. 2017 is going to witness a revolution, especially in terms of Chatbots for marketing.

Marketing Trends 2017


As observed, major trends now revolve around technology and the virtual world. That is how the scenario of the marketing field in 2017 is going to be like- all digital or nothing. So peeps, embrace yourself for a year full of changes, inventions and innovations!

Now that you know the predictions, you can prepare yourself to make the best out of everything that comes your way!

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