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Byond Travel

Travel and Beyond: Sneak-Peek into the Work Culture of Byond Travel!

Byond Travel is a travel platform which organizes and executes experience-based travel journeys for like-minded travellers. They believe that travel goes beyond destination. And when we are talking about work cultures, we cannot miss out on this company’s work culture!

The work culture of Byond Travel is as cool as their travel mantras! Have a look:

 I: Whose brainchild is Byond Travel? How did this journey of taking like-minded people on a journey, begin?

BT: Byond Travel is Vikram Ahuja’s brainchild. It was born when Vikram realised the power of experience-based travel. This journey began with one idea- to design experience based travel journeys. He believes that local experiences have the power to change our lives. We focus on designing journeys for travellers, and not tourists.

I: That is a beautiful thought. So, coming to Team BYond Travel, how many employees does it have?

BT: We are a team of 15 people.

I: So how did the founder get his Dream Team? Was it a gradual process?

BT: Yes, it was a gradual process. Initially, Byond Travel had 4 members. But now we are a group of 15 people who have one thing in common- the passion to travel.

I: How is the work culture of Byond Travel?

BT: The work culture of Byond Travel is balanced. We have flexible work timings. Every employee shares a comfort zone with the Boss. We hang-out with each other and celebrate with each other. We are a family. The entire team works in a harmony. “Right kind of people in the right kind of environment”– that’s how we would define our work culture.

Byond Travel

We are Family

I: Let’s delve deeper into the office routines. How does the day start, at Byond Travel’s Office?

BT: We enter the office by 9 a.m. At 10:15, there is a ‘Stand-up’ meet for 10 minutes and there is an interaction session with 5 other people from Delhi. We then talk about challenges or new ideas we have, or have had. This in turn keeps the entire team connected and aware of everything that’s happening in the office.

I: A “Stand-Up” meet- that’s pretty cool. What else? Is the office designed keeping in mind certain themes?

BT: The interiors are reflective of what we do, what we feel about travel and beyond! The colors used are balanced, just like our work culture. Whites and blacks are balanced by a pop of Orange and Yellow. Other than this, our three-floored office has pin boards, various posters, and cut-outs about travelling and other things. Oh, and yeah, we also have a hula-hoop, a golf stick, and a huge shark shaped balloon in our office 😛 We’ve also adopted a cute white kitten!

Byond Travel

Hey There Sharky 😛


Byond Travel

Colorful Interiors and Desks

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I: Hula-hoop, golf stick, balloon..Hahaha..what a funky place to work at! Are the Employee Perks as funky as the interiors? What’s in store for the employees?

BT: Well, we have team outings, team events, and Pizza Fridays, for starters. We celebrate birthdays with pomp and unwind together after hectic schedules. Talking about employee perks, each team member gets to go for an all-paid trip once a year with the other customers. For people who love travelling, what more could we ask for? 😛

Byond Travel

Team Byond Travel chillin’ like villians!

I: What more could ANYONE ask for? 😛 Apart from this, what keeps the employees motivated?

BT: We’re all passionate about travelling. To top it all, having a Boss like Vikram Ahuja is motivational in itself. He makes sure that he has a one-on-one discussion with every employee- be it suggestions, problems or ideas. He gives importance to feedback and he values opinions. This is what keeps us motivated and charged up for anything and everything!

I: A leader like that? People could work happily for a lifetime here. 😀 So, how is a new project discussed with the team? How are the meetings conducted?

BT: Every Tuesday, we have “All Hands” meet. In this, we rewind the entire week’s work. We then discuss various marketing strategies, social media strategies, etc. We do this every week to maintain the tempo. Every person is asked to list down their ideas and read each one of them or maybe give a Power Point presentation on the same.

I: That is great. Can’t wait for this one though. Tell us, which is the most memorable moment for Team Byond Travel so far?

BT: Oh! The most memorable moment we’ve had so far, is not exactly a single moment, but an entire journey! It has to be Vikram’s destination wedding. We had a lot of fun out there! Also the photo shoot for our website was fun!

Byond Travel

Team Byond Travel having fun at founder Vikram Ahuja’s destination wedding!

I: Awesome! You’ll seem to gel up so well. Tell us something about office pranks and masti? Who is the biggest prankster? 😛

BT: We keep playing pranks on each other. From changing whatsapp dps, to trolling each other for the weirdest things, we’ve done it all! We also have a “News of the week” board, where all the funny things happening in the office are updated every week. Hahaha..our office is full of brats. The biggest prankster you say? It’s Vikram himself!

Byond Travel

Their supercool photoshoot

I: You’ll are giving us work culture goals already! So, what should an Intern expect from an internship at Byond Travel? What’s in store for them?

BT: An intern or a fresher has quite a lot to learn when in BYond.Travel:

  • They get to learn, no matter what field they choose.
  • We have a cool environment, and flexible timings.
  • Practical Experience which is extremely important today.
  • Direct conversation with the founder. Vikram gives every intern time to choose any department they want, until the interns find their passion.

FounderSpeak: What do you have to say about Byond Travel’s work culture?

Vikram Ahuja: “As a young team, we work hard, but ensure that there’s a lot of fun to go with that. Ours is an inclusive culture where transparency, accountability and ownership is encouraged.  We also make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and leave time for some fun whether that’s playing cricket, playing pranks on each other or having an inflated shark balloon floating around the office.”

Byond Travel


TeamSpeak: Check out what this team member has to say:

Shreya Shashank:

“Do you know how there’s beauty in chaos? That’s the work culture at Byond! I am often surprised how all of us are always having fun and partying and are on top of our work. You stop someone and ask them if things are done right in the middle of an after party and they will always know their game. Brain storming sessions happen over a friendly game of cricket! I personally love the fact that I get good insight about other people’s work too, that way I really get to appreciate how each piece together solves the puzzle.”

Byond Travel

Say “Beeeeyond” !

I: Amazing. Thank you so much for this amazing interview! We wish you more success and prosperity! 

BT: Thank you for having us here. Looking forward to working with some talented interns.

Well, well..need I say more guys? Isn’t their work culture supercool? Check out their website for internship vacancies! Who wants to miss out on such an amazing experience anyway? 😛


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