What To Expect From A Digital Marketing Internship |

What To Expect From A Digital Marketing Internship

Social Media rules our lifestyles these days. Man is a social animal and more so these days. In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and various other blog spaces we spend most of our time online on social media sites.

GlobalWebIndex polled 170,000 internet users about their internet habits, and found that average usage times for social media sites rose from 1.66 hours per day in 2013 to 1.72 hours per day last year.

The numbers are simply mind boggling also making social media the largest advertising billboard out there; ensuring high visibility and a great network for any brand successfully utilising this rich market of consumers. Companies recognized this treasure trove and hence arose the need of digital marketers and interns.

So what does this internship entail?

1) Monitor and post regularly on various online social spaces

This might include managing posts and content on the company’s facebook page, managing their tweets, posting info graphics and other content. The posts usually have common flavour and a theme in keeping with the branding that the company wants to promote.


2) Online marketing

Your role as a digital marketing intern is not that of a blogger. This distinction becomes sharper when the other facets of this internship are brought to light. Based on your position in the company and level of experience, you will have a varying amount of say in the company’s marketing strategies. This merged with varying analysis on your part as to the cost/benefit ratio and developing a model which is efficient and effective.


3) Branding

When you market a company or its product, every step adds a little value to the name of the company. You are consciously involved with the branding and online marketing process of the company and hence are helping shape the image of the company. This can be a boon or a curse based on the way you deliver.


4) Innovation

As a digital marketing intern, you not only have to manage but also conjure up fresh content. The company will rely on you for creative ideas and far sighted campaign proposals. If you manage to rise to the occasion it can go a long ways to boosting your career.


5) Keyword analysis

Search keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important factor a digital marketing intern must keep in mind. This makes it the one of the most integral job of a digital marketing intern.


Hence, as we see that a digital marketing intern is the spearhead of any company’s marketing team and is one of the upcoming fields with maximum potential. A great career choice for anyone with a creative and analytical brain.

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