What to Expect from a Finance Internship |

What to Expect from a Finance Internship

A finance internship is a great stepping stone for anyone looking to make it big in the industry. Whether it be the stock market or investment banking, a finance internship can help you envision it from a very realistic perspective.


As a finance manager, all your power lies in analysing and interpreting data and taking decisions based on your inferences.
At a finance internship you’ll learn a very important step that comes before you can actually start interpreting data and make million dollar deals: Data Management.
Hence even though tasks like entering data, managing records, auditing, data maintenance and other data related activities seem mundane and inconsequential, they can teach you very invaluable lessons.


This is not the only job under your care of course. You may also have to update customer details and account data by warm calling existing customers or cold calling new ones. This is seemingly dreary but gives you unparalleled experience in networking, client management and market research skills, all a foundation for a strong financial manager.


You will also be given the small jobs that full time employees cannot meet. These may include anything from accompanying finance managers to client meetings to reviewing new software and giving feedback.


At the top of all your tasks will be pursuing your own learning escapade by following the on goings in the office. Observing brokers and investment advisors go about their daily business is your front seat ticket to knowing the finance industry on a real and micro level.


So yeah, a finance internship is a must if you want the edge when you enter into the cut-throat-gladiator-world that today’s market is.
Everyone will have the degree, what sets you apart from the rest?

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