What to Expect From a Marketing Internship |

What to Expect From a Marketing Internship

A marketing internship is unlike any other internship that you might have heard of. It is an adventurous internship with each day bringing in a new set of ideas and clientele. The skills that are required for such an internship is a topic for later discussion. For now, we shall restrict ourselves to what this mysterious profile has to offer.


This is pretty intuitive. To market a product or brand you need a network, if you don’t have one, you build one. This network acts as a lifeline for any marketing aspirant. So at a marketing internship, you’ll get to see how a network is critical and also you can pick up a few essentials on how to build one.




Communication is probably the most powerful tool a marketing student can have in his arsenal. It is not only extremely powerful for networking and interpersonal skills, but also boosts your presentations considerably. At a marketing internship, you will have a lot to learn from all the people around in the office and the way they communicate.


People skills

Knowing the market is the foundation of any marketing campaign, and to know the market, you need to know the people who make up the market. At a marketing internship, you will learn that one needs to be sharp not only in their words, but also in the interpretation of those words.



Branding and marketing is an art and those who master it are those who have the brightest and the most colourful minds. When there is such immense competition in the market, just knowing the want is not enough. Dealing with it in a different and innovative way is what gives your company an edge over the rest.



Research is the basis of any marketing strategy. Surveys, forums, analytics, hours on the internet, hours on the phone and even more hours just interacting with the target audience. Finding the gap in the market are all majorly integral parts of a marketing internship which ensure a campaign’s maximum effectiveness.


Social Media Awareness

The final part being fun but equally important. You are required to know the trends on the internet to be in step with the market mentality. Not only that, but it is also a great way to maintain old contacts and make new ones as you go along. Being active on social media platforms in the right way is probably something you can pick up along.


So there are a lot of things on the table up for grabs at a marketing internship. A lot to expect and a lot to learn. In the end only one question remains.

How much are you able to gain from it?

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