What Would Baahubali’s Profession Be, in the 21st Century? |

What Would Baahubali’s Profession Be, in the 21st Century?

In the Ancient times, S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali has been everything- An Ideal Soldier, Ideal Ruler, Ideal Son, Ideal Husband, Ideal Friend, Ideal Bhatijaa, Ideal Enemy (Yeah, that too)…An Ideal Human Being in short. He could do EVERYTHING-  both human and inhuman. What a smile, what a Style, what killer attitude, that physique.. … ..

Ermm.. Coming back from my La la land…

But those were Ancient times, you see. What if, this God-like, hulk-type, intense-eyed, divine-powered, Gravity-Defied specimen of Rajamouli’s Human-looking species walked into our World? What if Baahubali just decided to come and stay in our 21st Century World? Well you’d say he wouldn’t survive, considering the fact that he doesn’t know tech, hasn’t gone to a school like ours, or simply that he comes from a different era. Tch..Tch..He’s “Baahu” people..He can rule any world. Don’t believe me? Well then..

Here are 6 Professions Baahubali would’ve taken up (taken up Like a Boss) in the 21st Century and still would’ve sassed his way through our perfectly settled jobs to give us ‘Humans’, some major competition:

1. Fashion Stylist:

“Surmai naina, Laal hoth, aur Wrap Around skirt pehne, toh lage Ladki ek “Ladki”, varna lagey bekaar!” (Pliss Read it in K3G Kajol style, for the Feelzzz)

Forget Manish Malhotra’s glittery Lehenga, or Kylie Jenner’s (expensive as hell) Lip Colour..Presenting to you, Fashion Stylist Baahu’s “Kam kharcha, Look Accha” fashion look..with Berry Lip Colour, Berry Kajal and a (convenient as hell) Wrap Around Skirt! Tamanaa’s transformation says it all! 😛

2. Gym Trainer

“No Leg day, Back Day, Protein and Whey…Baahu just needs a Shiva Ling to slay!”

While we mortals would still be stuck at 90 pounds..Our dear Baahu would be lifting some crazy shit…who wouldn’t want such a gym trainer, no?

3. Artist

“Don’t need no Paint Brushes….I’ll create a Masterpiece out of Leaves, sticks, Sand and Bushes!”

While it would take us Mortals years to master the finesse and skill an Artist needs, Baahu’s innate artistry and eye for detail is So amazing that He can make a Sand figure of a Girl he hasn’t even seen! And the cost of making Art Pieces would absolutely be zero for him since Mother Nature is Sponsoring him, right? 😛

4. Teacher

“Twist and turn, That’s how you learn.”


Meanwhile..in the Human world..We are still stuck at meager ways of Learning for years- Practice, Studying etc..When all Gyaani Baahu and his Shishya needs is 2 seconds. You get me, don’t you? All you’d give Teacher Baahu is 2 seconds, and the next thing you know, you’ll learn the technique in 1 second and in the 2nd you’d already be gyaani enough to teach the same to someone else. Yep, that’s the power of Baahu’s teaching skills.

5. Logistician:

“Analyse, co-ordinate, Organize…..Launch!”

Well, what can I say.. He’d make an amazing Logistician (Even though he defies Logic and Gravity, but yeah) While we would rely on transportation, Self Sufficient Baahu would love to do everything on his own. Talk about saving Time and Money..and Baahu’s brilliant ideas surpass all intellect.

6. Trekker

“Jungle Jungle pata chala hai..Dhoti pehen ke Baahu Jal Parvat chadha hai!”

What’s Mount Everest? Baahu has climbed the Jal Parvat. Jal Parvat..The grand, impossible to climb, VFX-yukt Jal Parvat was lucky enough that Baahu climbed it. He is a born Trekker. Just look at those Anti-Slippery Hands and Spider-Man like grip..while we would still be struggling to climb small mountains like Mount Everest and K2, Baahu would maybe have to search or manufacture another Mountain because these wouldn’t be so thrilling for him I guess. Hmm..

Aren’t these profiles perfect for Baahubali? Which other Profiles do you think, would suit him in the modern times? Tell us in the comments!

Cheers! Oh Wait….. Jai Mahishmati! 

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