Hey there, fellow “Broke, inexperienced” College Student,

Let me be very honest with you right now. I never, let me repeat, NEVER leave reviews, comments, opinions etc..after buying and using anything. Neither do I promote stuff. Never have I ever thought of doing so because I have a lot of things running in my wacky brain like- “What if the company doesn’t like my review?”, “What if someone counter-argues?” “Do I want that kind of attention?” and various things like that. So, you know, when I do share my opinion- it’s definitely legit. Very recently I enrolled for 2 cool Online Courses and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with you.

So, here’s the thing- I bought two online courses from an online portal called Intern Theory. One was called the Online Digital Marketing course, and the other one was the MS Excel Course.  Before I even start writing on these, you must be wondering that- “Ten thousand other portals have courses like these, but what compelled me to reach out to you with only these?”

Here’s why I bought these online courses:

  1. Well, for starters, let’s look at the “money” factor. These courses that I am talking about are called “basic” courses, but there is nothing “basic” about them. Each of the course includes around 60-65 lectures which would alone cost me Rs.7000- Rs.8000 in the offline world. Now apart from that, they provide 20-30 Quizzes and 6-10 assignments along with these lectures. Imagine what that would cost me otherwise? A lot, right? Now like a cherry on the cake, they also provide Internship assistance to the Top Performers, depending on the course they have chosen. All of this, in less than half the price of what we would pay offline! So, I end up saving around Rs.3000-4000 and receive more material and knowledge in return!
  2. Let’s take the Digital Marketing Course as an example. I was a newbie and I knew nothing about digital marketing. It sounded interesting and I checked out the demo video on their site. Turned out, that only the demo video gave me so much information, that I already knew the scope and meaning of digital marketing. The course covers the entire expanse of Digital Marketing in about 65 lectures which can be viewed any damn time, anywhere. It takes around 4-6 weeks to ideally complete it. Just imagine this- When I started off with the first lecture, I was comfortably seated in my PJs, eating a slice of my Pizza, and simultaneously gaining knowledge about Digital Marketing- a field everyone is talking about right now. Man, they make it look so easy!
  3. Offline, courses like this one, range from 8000 bucks to even a lakh. What are the things they provide? Certificate, job “assistance”, knowledge and expert advice. Well, the Online Digital Marketing Course that I am talking about, promises me the same, in an extremely affordable price.
  4. MS Excel course is like the underdog of online courses, to be honest. I bought it because once, I was rejected by an employer as I didn’t know how to operate it. Yeah, embarrassing! Now why I bought this Excel course particularly, is that I was saving around 3000 bucks and it promised practical and interactive lectures. Generally, Excel courses are theoretical and boring. But this one has been quite fun.
  5. I bought a package of two courses- MS Excel and Online Digital Marketing. So, two informative courses, two certificates, two internship opportunities, around 120 lectures, 50 quizzes, 12 assignments, LOADs of knowledge and I save around 5000 bucks. Woah! Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t make such a deal?
  6. Well apart from what I bought, they also have an Online Stock Market Course. Now I don’t know much about Stock Market courses apart from the fact that they are expensive and difficult to find. What appealed me about this course is that I would be saving around 4000 bucks and still get to learn, to trade in the market. Which means, I save Rs.4000, plus I have a chance to earn Rs.4000 more, via trading after learning from the course- also not to forget the internship assistance!

You see, where these course-makers impress me is that they know the hardships and conditions of college students. They know that we youngsters are Circus Clowns juggling with academics, knowledge, time, money and experience- all at once. These Online courses that I bought, fit into my juggling equation with so much ease that I don’t even realize I am attending a “class” online. With all the animations, friendly, experienced teachers, fun quizzes and challenging assignments- it’s all easy-breezy, fun, yet valuable!

Well, I wouldn’t force you take these courses up just because I am telling you to do so. But rather, I would like you to see it for yourself- how these courses that I bought, change your perspective about online learning in just about 4 weeks while you also save a lot, in terms of fees!

Here’s where I bought them from-  (Just in case you’re wondering :P)

P.S. I’ve also heard they’re going to have a “Mega Diwali Loot” 2-3 days where they’re selling these courses at 50% off. I filled out a form here:  and so can you! 

Yours Truly,

“Broke, inexperienced’ College Student. 


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